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Macro Tube Set AC-MN


Machined from copper

All extension tubes are machined from copper, giving you a durable and steady experience

even with heavy telephoto.

AC-MN Copper

Incredible matte surface treatment

Aluminum alloy sealed inside. Also uses fantastic 

aluminum oxidation technology to achieve 

high-end matte surface treatment. Reduces 

unnecessary light to a state-of-the-art level.

AC-MN Matte Surface Treatment
AC-MN Matte Surface Treatment

AC-MN Compact Design
Professional and compact design
Features a super elegant design almost the same as Nikkor
lenses, and made of special material to keep high quality.
AC-MN Compact Design

Built-in gilded electric pins 
Aputure has built-in electric pins, sealed with gold to ensure accurate TTL metering and 
AF functions. Most low cost extension tubes can’t realize the functions well due to lacking
electric pins.
AC-MN Gilded Elecric Pins

     Flexible combinations

        Consists of 12 mm, 20mm and 36mm tubes, which can 

        be used individually or in combination for seven different 
        possibilities that bring you unbelievable creative freedom. 
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Light and Portable
AC-MN Package

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