Manual Specifications Function Trigmaster II MXII
Trigmaster II MXII 2.4G
Reliable 2.4G Signal
The Trigmaster II MXII uses a 2.4G wireless frequency, has strong resistance to  interference, and is more stable, reliable and sensitive than other brands’ 433Mhz frequency. 

Trigmaster II MXII 2.4G
Trigmaster II MXII 2.4G

  3-in-1 Functions
Trigmaster II MXII Function
Trigmaster II MXII Transmitter

      Transmitter Uses AAA Batteries

          The transmitter has been upgraded to give 10 times longer battery life. It uses two AAA batteries, which
          are longer-lasting and easy to find.

 MXII High Voltage Flashes
   Compatible with High-Voltage Flashes

     Older flash units can be dangerous. Trigmaster II works with
     these high-voltage flashes up to 300v, preventing potential
     damage to your flash triggers. Don't fry your circuits and enjoy flashing
     peace of mind.

 MXII High Voltage Flashes
MXII High Voltage Flashes

MXII Long Range

Long Range

Trigger your flash or camera up to 120 meters, at any angle.
Shoot subjects more than a football field away with confidence.

MXII Long Range

    Awaken Most Speedlights

      Trigmaster II can wake up your speedlight flash. When you
      stop using your flash for an extended period of time, it will
      go to sleep and become dormant. To awaken it, simply
      half-press the shutter on your camera.

MXII Awaken Flashes
MXII Awaken Flashes
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