V-Grip VG-1-Update-V1.1



Please read the following carefully before updating the firmware:

  • ▪ Please turn off corresponding software such as antivirus program and firewall program before firmware update.
  • ▪ Please make sure your USB disk is in “FAT”.
  • ▪ Applicable to Windows.
  • ▪ Please make sure V-Grip VG-1 is powered off during the firmware update.
  • ▪ Do not operate V-Grip VG-1, USB disk or its cable during the firmware update.
  • ▪ The software is just for V-Grip VG-1.

Firmware Updating:

Step 01

Connecting it with your computer, you will get a dialog, click next (Only suits for the first time, if you have ever updated, please go to step 5 directly.) Click Next as the picture shows below.

Step 02

Routing Setting, See Below, Choosing the root you have stored for the Update file, then click next.

Step 03

It will take a few minutes, Please be patient.

Step 04

Installation Completed.

Step 05

Firmware upgrade, Open the Upgrade File, and click ‘V-Grip VG-1.exe’, then you will see the dialog below, Click ‘Update’.

Step 06

Enter upgrade process and the screen displays the dialogue.

Step 07

Upgrading finished when you see the dialogue below. Just click “Exit” and take off USB upgrade cable.

Step 08

If upgrade process fails, please try again from Step 05. If still fails, please check your setting according to “supplement for update”

If you fail to update the V-Grip VG-1, please check and set COM port as follows:

Step 01

Turn on your computer, click the icon of “my computer”, then right click your mouse, click “Manage” from the tab.

Step 02

Click “Device Manager” from the list of “System Tools” in the “Computer Management” dialogue.

Step 03

Click “Ports(COM&LPT”located in the list of “Device Manager”.

Step 04

Use update cable to connect the V-Grip with computer, find out the new COM port from “Ports(COM&LPT)” list.

Step 05

Make sure the number shows after the new COM port is between 1 and 9. If it is, double click the update program and finish the whole process.

Step 06

If it is not, choose the new COM port tab and right click the mouse, then click “Properties”.

Step 07

Choose “Port Settings” from the “Communications Port(COM*)Properties” dialogue and click “Advanced”.

Step 08

Find the “COM Port Number” from the “Advanced setting for COM*” dialogue and choose a port from “COM1” to “COM9” .

Step 09

1.Click “ok” to finish setting COM port.

2.If you choose a port which already in use and click “ok”, the dialogue of “Communication Port Properties” will appear and click “ok” in it.

Step 10

Click “ok” in Communications Port (COM*) Properties dialogue to finish setting port.

Step 11

1. Click the icon of “Scan for hardware changes” from the “Computer Management” dialogue.

2. Make sure you can find the new port you just set from “Ports(COM&LPT)” list.

Step 12

After setting COM port, update firmware again according to the updating guidance.


1. System halted has been solved when using together with Canon 5D mark II.

2. The updating interface has been improved to be more visible to track the process.

3. Step setting can be saved when power off.

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