Manual Specifications Design Function V-Mic D2
AF-Peak Indicators

Led light AF-Peak Indicators

V-mic D2 is the first one to adjust sensitivity with visual metering, which is very important for recording situation 

without other additional sound monitor devices. V-mic D2 simplifys the visual process and shows sensitivity with 

green and red led lights, making the sensitivity adjustment process much accurately and easily.  

Low Power Indicator

Low Power Indicator

The battery warning beside the mode switch blinks red to 

alert you that it has insufficient battery power to support its 

tasks.When the power indicator blinks red, it is time to 

replace the batteries as soon as possible because this 

means that the battery life available has reached 1% or 

less. If no new power is supplied, it will shut down 

automatically. This protects the microphone. 

power indicatot

Tri-Isolation System

The V-Mic D2 has an innovative isolation system with two forms of anti-shock mounts and a special shockproof design 

inside of the microphone. Two forms of anti-shock mounts separate the V-Mic D2 capsule and electronics from its 

mount and provide isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted bumbles and vibrations in the 

microphone. Also, with a reliable internal isolation system, the microphone is fit for any use ranging from protected 

studio use to run-and-gun guerilla or extreme shoots.  

anti-shock mounts

¼” Metal Hot Shoe Mount

The microphone uses a metal standard-sized hot-shoe mount for DSLR camera use, but also features a ¼” thread in the 

base of the mount for variable mounting. Since it incorporates both mounting options, the V-Mic D2 can be used on any 

rig, boom pole or custom set-up. 

hotshoe mount
aputure v-mic

        Compact Locking Wheel

The V-Mic D2 also features a custom locking wheel. When you rotate 

the wheel tightly, it’ll lock your microphone in place and ensure that it 

stays right where you left it. It’s a simple, but dampened rotation. It also 

uses a high-quality ABS turning system to guarantee a long lifespan. 

Even though it uses very little pressure to mount the shotgun, you can 

                         rest assured that the shotgun mic will locked in place.                        

V-Mic D2 Lock Wheel

Wind-Screen and Wind-Shield Included

We provide you with both an elegant wind screen and a sound-absorbing wind shield inside of the package. They are 

both designed for recording outside and preventing the capture of unwanted wind noise. Each unit has good air 

permeability, which ensures the sound you capture sounds just as it does in real life. Even though they are most 

commonly used outdoors, both are also helpful when used in the conference room, news, stage performances 

and other public places. 

wind shield

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