Camera & Lens Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline © Jesse Warren

After camera shopping in Hong Kong since 2003, I’m ready to recommend a few tried and trusted shops.  If you ever find yourself in HK, welcome to camera paradise. You’ll notice the scores of camera stores in the touristy areas, namely Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Beware though, as black market goods, fake warranties, and deception are common there. Sometimes you can find a good deal, but is it worth the hassle? If you use the shops listed below, prices are probably better than your home country, and selection is immense. Hong Kong also usually receives goods before the rest of the world, as it is located closer to Japan and shipments arrive quicker. Here are my top picks for camera and lens shopping in Hong Kong…

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  • Tom

    Excellent info Jesse. One other link to add, is
    while in Chinese, it’s easy enough to figure out.
    If you use Google Chrome browser, it will do a rough auto translation of the site for you…


  • Kelly

    Thank you so much for this info!
    Do you know where else I can find old film cameras (e.g. Canon AE-1) in HK besides Ab Liu Street?
    And tell me what to look out for. Are the sellers in Ab Liu Street trustworthy?
    Do they start the price really high?

  • The A-Team

    Hi Kelly,

    In regards to old film cameras, I would recommend Stanley Street. Most of the small shops there have film cameras, and I would say are as trustworthy as you can get, being old family businesses. Start with Kinefoto…

    Good luck!

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  • Zzyzx

    Thank you very much for the very informative post. I plan to visit Hong Kong and Mirama Photo Supplies soon, but without knowing Mirama’s business hours it’s hard for me to plan my schedule there. I can’t find any way of contacting the shop too. Do you have a rough idea of Mirama’s business hours? Do they open their shop late in the morning and close early in the evening? I can’t find any information online so I hope you can give me a rough idea. Thanks :)

  • The A-Team

    Hey Zzyzx, this is a very rough idea, but I think their hours run from about 10am til 8pm or so (possibly later on both fronts). They tend to open later and close later than most normal “office hours”. If I get the exact hours, I’ll post it here.

  • Sid

    I should have stumbled upon your site before. I second your thoughts on Kinephoto and Mirama being top on the list.

    Its been only 11 months in HK for me after coming here I rebuilt my gear after selling old ones. echo photo i will say be careful. they might be good in th past but not any more. they lied to me twice (second time i didnt buy) and they lost my trust too. kinephoto, very good price, friendly and peace of mind. they chop your warranty, write down serial no to receipt etc etc. genuine guys, i have used their warranty card to get lens fixed with canon so for sure they r good

  • Mike

    Hi… excellent info, may thanks!! I’ll be in HK in a few weeks and am really looking forward to finding some bargains and checking out the Canon Showroom, which thanks to you, I know now exists!!

  • Jon

    Hi arriving in HK on 4th Sept – want to purchase a macro lens for my 5d11 and either a 2x or 1.4x converter. Are your recommendations still the same?

    Love this page – very informative

  • Jesse

    Hi Jon, after 7 years living in the region…yes! Kinefoto would be my first choice. Ask for Simon, he’s really nice. If they don’t have what you need, look across the street at Mirama – and talk to the lady in charge, she’s also great. Hope you have a great trip!

  • metzalx

    Hi Jesse, thanks for this very informative page.

    I was thinking of getting a friend to buy the Sigma 30mm f1.4 from HK as she is going there in late September. The problem is, Sigma is known for poor QC on many of their lenses, and I expect to have to send it for calibration sometime. However, Sigma Singapore (where I reside) only honours international warranties that have the distributor stamp (dealer stamps are apparently not valid). Might you know if any of these shops would have the distributor stamps on their warranties?

  • Dennis

    Hi there,

    I’d like to visit Kinefoto soon to get a Nikon lens. Is there MTR nearby?

    Regards and Thanks!
    Dennis :)

  • The A-Team

    Hi Dennis, the Central MTR station is near Stanley Street. Take exit C or D towards Lan Kwai Fong.

  • Pierre

    Hi, many thanks for sharing all these informations !!

    What do you of the prices for second hand lenses of the camera shops in Champagne court, Tsim Sha Tsui ?

  • The A-Team

    Hey Pierre, I am not familiar with these shops, but I will be sure to check them out the next time I am in that area.

  • Peter

    Hi Jesse,

    What lens was used to take the Hong Kong Skyline shot?

  • mamochii

    hi there,
    i’d like to have some info concerning the sigma 24-70 f2.8. what is the best price in hongkong? n where can i get it? is it true that sigma lens need to be calibrated? what do you think about sigma lens compare with others?

  • The A-Team

    Hi momochii, it seems the new one can be had for about $700: and the old one for about $450:

    I’ve had my Sigma 30mm 1.4 calibrated before, but it’s not always necessary. Depends on each individual lens. As far as the best place to shop, check the list above! Try Stanley Street first, but they might not have it. In that case, check out Cam2 or Wing Shing/Man Shing.

  • The A-Team

    Hi Peter, I can’t locate the original file, which is a shame. Although since this photo was taken in Spring of 2005, it was definitely taken with a Canon Powershot A75 and it’s built-in 35-105mm lens! Had a great time with that camera for that first year in China!

  • mamochii

    Thank you for your info really appreciate.

  • Anthony

    Hi there,

    is there any photography stores in hong kong that sells 35 mm film for still photos?

    thank you!!!

  • Jesse

    Hi Anthony, I’m pretty sure that the stores on Stanley street sell film, as most of them sell film cameras.

  • George

    I spend in the Far East about 6 months a year for the last 20 years.
    As far as prices of ANYTHING, including electronics, the best prices are in the USA .Prices of electronics and cameras, in stores such as Best Buy, Costco, or B and H ( in New York are as good or better than any shop in Hong Kong, or anywhere in the world…and you can return your purchase without any hassle, if you are not satisfied.

  • The A-Team

    Hi George, while prices in the US are very good, I’ll have to disagree on this one. Each time a new XXD was released (and I’ve bought all of them since the 20D), prices were at least a hundred cheaper in HK, if you know where to shop (Stanley Street mainly). You are correct that the USA return policies are better, but if you know the shop owners in HK, exchanges are possible.

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  • Jason

    Do you know anywhere in Mongkok which would have PocketWizard cords for a D300? I will be traveling over from China in a few weeks and needs some items. Thanks.

  • The A-Team

    Sorry Jason I have no idea about PW. Have a nice trip.

  • Tom

    Hi there,
    I’m off to HK in a couple of weeks. Looking to pick up a sigma 30mm F1.4 Canon fit and a new speed flash (canon fit again). Staying a night in causeway and two nights in kowloon bay. Where would you recomend shopping?


  • The A-Team

    Hi Tom, without a doubt check out Stanley Street and the stores that I mentioned above. it’s also worth checking out 2, 3, 4, and 5 on my list, if you have time! But Kinefoto would be my first stop. If they don’t have the lens/flash you’re looking for, check Miramar or the other ones nearby.

  • Yger

    Jesse, do you happen to know where I can buy some film chemistry in Hong Kong? Any developer / fixer will do. Can’t seem to find anything in this digital city!

  • The A-Team

    Hi Yger, I don’t know much about film in HK, but I do recommend you try the shops on Stanley Street, as all of them seem to deal in film cameras! Nnot sure about development though, but they will probably know…

  • Aaron

    Thanks for the tip. Just was in HK and checked out all the shops on Stanley. Kinephoto got my business as well. They were very friendly helpful and had a good pricing. Another +1 for Kinephoto.

  • Dipankar


    I will be visiting HK in Apr and looking to buy a Sigma 18-250mm for my 1100D. Are there any known issues using Sigma with Canon? Where would you recommend to buy from for a good deal?

  • The A-Team

    Hi Dipankar, there are no known issues with Sigma – other than that you’ll get sharper images with the Canon at 200mm (and a bit more distortion at 18mm). I have used the Sigma 18-200 OS for about 5 years, and it’s always worked fine on my Canons. I’d recommend you get the lens anywhere on Stanley Street, with Kinefoto being my first recommendation.

  • gaurav


    i would be coming to HK in another weeks time. i would be staying in tsim sha sui for two days. after reading your blog and all the comments i am a bit confused as to whether i should buy anything from echo photo ! which other shops would you recommend . i wanted to buy a canon 600d with kit and a nikon d5100 with kit.. can i know somehow what are the street prices of these two cameras .. i think i would buy it from cam2 as its near to where i am staying! i would still need your suggestions on this one. i wont have much time to shop around and i cant visit many stores. can you please help me out with this.

    thank you

  • Aputure

    Hi Gaurav,

    Based on one experience with Echo, I wouldn’t buy from them. They simply lied to me about a warranty when I knew otherwise. Other people seem to have a good relationship with them (Roland Lim). Check his page for the street prices (mostly based on Echo). Cam2 is not a bad place to purchase, but I personally find the prices are a bit cheaper on Stanley Street.

    Good luck!

  • Luk Photo in HK

    I would go to Kinefoto for sure. They are the best bunch of guys around. Honest and nice people. Good prices to boot. Just remember that the best price comes from all cash but if you have to use credit card they add 2%. Cost of business. I don’t think they take American Express….

  • The A-Team

    Luk, why is it that HK is still not so credit friendly despite having the “freest economy” in the world?

  • Luk Photo in HK


    Cash is king. When you loose 2% or more per transaction the retailer will not do it. Their margins are already small enough where if they loose that 2% they will be loosing money. This is I think the only reason they can make their prices this low. It’s even cheaper than BH from the states.

  • Dave

    Hi, may i know is it ok to buy lenses and other camera things from Please advise me.. Thank you

  • The A-Team


    Actually I haven’t ordered from before, but from what I gather it is a reliable source.

    Good luck.

  • Dave

    Thank you for your reply…

  • Rakesh

    Thanks a ton for such a usefull & informative page,I wld be comming to hongkong in october,cld some someone suggest any good tripod kit, in the 1000-1200 HKD range,& from where i could pick it,I was looking for a ball head

  • The A-Team

    Hi Rakesh, glad to be of assistance. You can find good deals on tripods on Sham Shui Po Street, although be careful – you get what you pay for. I got a tripod for 250HKD once and it started falling apart within 6 months or so. Your budget should get you something good enough though. Stick to the big stores and Stanley Street if you want something rock solid reliable.

  • Rakesh

    Thank you very much,
    has any one heard of the brand KINGJUE,for tripods,any comments on it,

    Phottix VND Variable Density Filter,any comments on this product.

  • The A-Team

    Hey there, sorry I don’t know much about Kingjue. I would stick with one of the reputed brands such as Giottos, Manfrotto, etc. The same with filters, i would go with Hoya or B+W instead of some third party.

  • Nanda

    Hi Jesse, Thanks a ton for the detailed information. Very useful for budding photographers like me. Are any Specialised shops for USED SECOND HAND LENS (canon), I am planning to buy 600mm or 800mm Lens for my 5D Mark III. Can’t afford to buy new lens.

    Is there any other alterations or suggestions for 800mm canon mount since i am interested in Bird Photography. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

  • CWH

    Thanks for the info. Do you know Kinefoto or Miramar keep any micro 4/3 lenses e.g: Lumix 12-35mm f2.8? Thanks again

  • The A-Team

    Hi CWH, I’m not sure about this, but I’ll check the next time I am in HK. You can also try calling them.

  • Tom

    just so you know, is just a price aggregator, not a store on it’s own. They now have an iOS and Android app. Just search for “” in the app store and you should find it.
    Again it is in Chinese, but quite easy to navigate around.
    You can also find pricing on other electronics such as headphones, HiFi etc.
    The blue icon is ‘water’ goods or parallel imported pricing, whilst the yellow icon by the price represents official goods imported by the local distributor.

    Also to add another great multi floor shopping mall dedicated to photography gear:
    Sim City 星際城市
    47-51 Shantung St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
    Just Google Map it. It about 3mins walk from the Mongkok MTR stn.

    Here you can find camera gear, second hand gear, cases, aftermarket batteries, lighting gear, triggers etc. Take a trip up to Mongkok, it’s a lot nicer (and closer) than Ap Liu St in Sham Shui Po, and I found pricing similar.

    Other than that, if you want to research second hand gear sold by individuals, you can check it is local for HK and again in Chinese, if you use Chrome browser, look for the ‘second traded items’ and you can search for everything. The second hand market is very active in HK, and I have brought a couple of lenses from private sellers with no issue. Each user has a rating, so if they screw someone over they should get a bad review. not fool proof by any means, however seems to work pretty well.

    Hope this helps you guys,

  • Tom

    Oh, and another thing. As a general rule, do not buy from the places in Tsim Sha Tsui, which have ‘Duty Free’ etc and bright neon lights with guys sitting on stools inside. Nathan Rd is full of them waiting for the bait and switch tourist to fool.

    The other places are generally fine, parallel goods are common in HK and usually go for ~15% less than official goods. Ive brought a LX5 and GX1 both parallel, and no issue. These are considered more ‘grey’ market not really ‘black’ market as the author indicated..

  • Rakesh

    thanks a lot for the kind of usefull info you have put on this page,this is a one page I would recomend any ony one going to HKG.
    I wld be visiting HKG in october,I was planning to buy Benro A-2681T + B-1 TRIPOD KIT,any suggestions or opinions abt this wld be greatly appreciated !

  • louis

    Hi Jesse.
    ,been shopping at Echo and have got the best prices ever if he steped out of line does not always make one bad. I have bouhgt many a lens and camera over the last 5 years even at the old shop and he has looked after me.I live in Australia and prices are high and always recomend Mr Yip at Echo.

  • Jesse

    Hi Louis, I don’t question the prices of Echo. It’s just that their dishonesty left a sour taste in my mouth. That was back in 2006 or 7, so I may give them another chance. Yet I’d be surprised if they can beat Stanley Street on pricing.

  • roy

    any store or markets where I can find vintage cameras for cheaP?

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  • XXII

    Hey! Been using to find about the price of the 600D. I want to buy that and a nifty fifty or a 40mm pancake. Some shops on price sell the body for 3500HKD and the 40mm pancake for a little over 1100HKD. The price list over at Roland Lim’s has significantly higher prices. Is it because those items are gray market items? Do those prices sound reasonable to you?

  • The A-Team

    Hi XXS, the price for the pancake sounds very cheap. I wasn’t aware it could be that cheap in HK. Could be grey market items. Roland Lim’s prices probably include the official Canon warranty, whereas those items may not. Warranties do significantly affect the price of a lens.

  • bernie

    Hi guys,
    i am looking for a second hand Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
    Could you recomend me any shop in Hk?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Jesse

    Hi Bernie, I would recommend the 2nd floor of the cell phone mall in Mongkok. It’s not listed here, but I will change that. There are many 2nd hand shops there, though I don’t recall seeing a 100-400mm before. Here is a link to the location:

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  • Aputure

    hi, if u are in hongkong, u can go to either of the stores we recommend in the blog.

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