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Summer is halfway through, and usually by the time August comes around, we can expect camera announcements to start pouring out. However, this year’s PMA trade show has been moved from Fall 2011 to Jan 2012, which might affect some of the new product developments and announcements. Anyways, the rumor mill is alive and kicking, let’s see what the latest fuss is all about…


Canon Beanie © Warren Rohner

What may be sad news to some (although still just a rumor of course) is that successor of the 5D line will not come until next year…

  • February 2012 earliest announcement date for the 5DIII
  • 5D line might be split in two (advanced video vs still models)
  • New camera might be slotted between 5D and 1D lines
  • EF mount video camera in the works, slated for mid 2012
  • New flagship flash with built-in radio technology
  • 1DV will mark the amalgamation of the 1D and 1Ds lines

This release date rumor doesn’t much sense to me, considering this is after PMA, but we will see. This is the first “CR2″ rumor in quite some time on the Canon Rumors website. The flash rumor is especially interesting for a company like us who deals in flash technology. There’s also this incredible chess game consisting of Canon and Nikon lenses.


Nikon Logo © Takuhito Sotome

Things are looking a little more concrete in Nikon-land:

The full frame follow-up to the D700 has been long awaited, as the current model does not have HD video. The D300 is also looking long in the tooth, and Nikon users are calling for an upgrade. We wouldn’t be surprised if these are the two DSLRs that get refreshed. The mirrorless news is certainly exciting, as until now neither Nikon or Canon has joined the micro 4/3rds fold.

Can’t wait until the end of summer to see what pans out!


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