Trigmaster 2.4G Review Roundup

Our latest trigger has been in the hands of photographers for a few months now and they are just starting to come out with reviews of the unit. In some cases, the reviewers had a set of Plus units as well, so they were able to test the compatibility between the two. Here are a few of the reviews, with more to come over time. Read through them and see if a set of our triggers is good for you. If so, you can purchase them here. Stay tuned for more reviews…

Lighting Essentials Review

 From the review:

“In the shoots I found them to be 100% reliable. NO missed flashes, no problems with interference and all the working distance that I need for my work. They worked flawlessly when triggering the camera during a still life shoot, and every one of my different speedlights worked with them as well.”

New Gear: Aputure Triggers and Gamilight Modifiers – Gear that WORKS © Don Giannatti

Lighting Rumours Review

From the review:

“On a final note, what does the Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G system offer that PocketWizard Plus IIs don’t?

  • Low price
  • More channels
  • Size
  • Hotshoes on receivers and transceivers
  • Inexpensive receivers available
  • Autofocus support for remote cameras
  • Can wake up sleeping flashes”

Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G Review © Lighting Rumours

Tristan Jud | RAW Review

From the review:

“On the other hand the Trigmaster comes as a pack with a trigger and receiver. Which could be a great starting point for someone who needs a complete set to get going with. That is the major difference between the two devices. I also want to mention that both the Trigmaster and Trigmaster Plus can actually work together.”

Aputure Trigmaster Family Review © Tristan Jud | RAW

Vanished Twin – Review

From the review:

“The Trigmaster II 2.4G triggers handle without any problems and have performed flawlessly during my tests without any misfires. The material strength is strong enough to use the receiver as a flash mount without any fear of it breaking under the stress.”

Trigmaster II 2.4G Review by Jayesunn Krump

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    You’re welcome.This is means transmitter and receiver can communicate with each other,the transmitter and the camera as well.Then I think the issue is the connection between receiver and flash. Please make sure the connection is ok,if yes ,I’m afraid the metal pin of nissin di466’s hot shoe is not compatible with the receiver.

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