Aputure Amaran LED Lightings include Tri-8, AL-M9, HR 672, AL-528, H198 is the perfect continuous lighting solution for your HDSLR or video camera. It uses the latest LED technology, giving you great color and warm, soft lighting to enhance your subject matter. It’s nearly heat free, for a cool and comfortable shooting experience. It’s small and light for maximum portability. Brightness can be adjusted to your liking, and output is 100% flicker free – ideal for video. Get the same professional lighting quality as seen on TV and Hollywood. Finally, it’s eco-friendly nature saves power and lasts longer. With a wide range of features and ease of operation, Aputure Amaran LED Video Light is the best tool for your video and camera lighting needs.


  1. -High Efficiency Bulbs, CRI,TLCI 95+
  2. -9 SMD light beads, Creating High illuminance
  3. -Buit-in Lithium Battery, Charged via USB
  4. -Ultra Thin with Only 140g Weight
  5. -Adjustable Brightness in 9 steps

HR 672

  1. -CRI 95+, pure and accurate light
  2. -Uncompromised brightness output up to 8lm
  3. -Ultra thin but durable design
  4. -Brightness and color temperature adjustable
  5. -100M wireless groups control
  6. -Double power supply system
  7. -Included carrying case


  1. -CRI 95+
  2. -Flood 75° and Spot 25° of Beam Angle
  3. -3200-5500K Daylight-Balanced Light
  4. -Full 0-100% Dimming
  5. -Maximum Power Draw
  6. -Dual Sony F/FM/QM Series Battery Slots
  7. -Slots for Connecting Multiple Panels
  8. -Tilt Adjustable Light Stand Adapter
  9. -Diffusion Filters, Carry Case


  1. -CRI95+, high color rendering
  2. -Color temperature adjustable(AL-H198c)
  3. -Battery power indicator
  4. -Multiple Battery Options
  5. -Expandable up to 9 LED panels
  6. -Stepless Brightness Control
  7. -Reliable Case included


  1. -CRI 95+
  2. -160 LEDs with 60° Beam Angle
  3. -5500K Daylight Light
  4. -750 Lux Brightness at 3.3′
  5. -Full 0-100% Dimming
  6. -13W Maximum Power Draw
  7. -Accepts Sony NP-Style or 6xAA Batteries
  8. -Battery Power Indicator Lights
  9. -Slots for Connecting Multiple Panels
  10. -Tilt-Adjustable Shoe-Mount
  11. -Diffusion & Orange Filters



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  • http://www.aputure.com/blog Aputure

    Hi Dean,could you please email cs@aputure.com to tell us more phenomenon on the adapters? Our CS team will help you get this sorted ASAP.
    Best Regards,
    The A Team

  • Dean Kirkland

    We bought 2 Aputure Amaran H528W units. After 1 month BOTH chargers / AC adapters have stopped working.

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