Introducing Pro Coworker II – Timelapse Remote

Shenzhen, October 2012 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce the Pro Coworker II, a wireless timer device, perfect for shooting incredible time-lapse sequences.

It can be used as a wireless timer remote, wired timer remote, wireless shutter remote and wired shutter remote.

Other features include: clock display, button lock function and a replaceable shutter cable, making for a wonderful photography experience.

Click here for more details on the product page.

Main Features

  • Timer Function
  • 4 in 1 Functions
  • FSK 2.4G wireless frequency
  • Replaceable shutter cable
  • Power-saving LCD screen
  • Clock Display
  • Button Lock Function
  • Excellent design & appearance

Aputure Pro Coworker II

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  • Aputure

    There’s a power button on the transmitter but not the receiver. It simply goes to sleep and displays the time/clock.

  • Sissy

    Which model for Nikon D7100 SLR?

  • ede

    I cannot comprehend what is so difficult about including a manual slide switch to power off both units. You did it on the receiver, why not on the transmitter. There is nothing more anoying than coming to the site to find out that one cannot make the photos you intend to shoot because of two small – flat – batteries.

  • Aputure

    Great, u offered us a very nice proposal. Also plz feel free to use it, it supports long battery life. U can check it here. Better to use rechargeable batteries.

  • andrian

    can it do half press?

  • Aputure

    Yes, half press the shutter release button to autofocus and full press it to fire the shutter.

  • Aputure

    Thanks for your email ,glad to answer your following questions as below : .

    Q 1 : I don’t understand the difference betweend “LONG” and “INTVL”: the intervalometer seems to wait LONG + INTVL seconds before exposure

    A1:”LONG”means long exposure,”INTVL”means interval .
    Yes ,it will begin to work after “LONG + INTVL” :)

    Q2:on the screen it is displayed “INTUL” instead of INTVL

    A2: Thanks for telling us ,could you tell us the model number in your hand ?We will check and revise then :).

    Q3: The red/green light don’t work in the remote mode
    A3: That means the signal sources of transmitter and receiver are not the same ,please check and try again :).
    Any questions please let us know
    the A team

  • Harold

    I’ve misplaced my instruction sheet. Could you please forward a copy of it to my email address:

    Thank you,


  • Aputure

    ok, no problem, u can check your email later, u can also just click manual to download its manual on our official website.

  • Aputure

    hi again, Q1: plz confirm that exposure time has been successfully set. u can check it by pressing right button. or u can press start button to activate it. if u have set the time, it will count down. Q2: No worry, we have noticed the wrong word and we shall fix it asap. Q4: The minimun interval must be set over 2 seconds to ensure correct exposure. U can set Long time as you need. Q5: receiver is vertical because we want to keep it from scraping. great great thanks for every detail u have noticed, we shall fix it soon.:)

  • mognaga

    hello, congratulations for your product. I have a Nikon 5100 but I just can not understand instructions in English. could you give me instructions in Italian? I would be grateful

  • mognaga

    you have manual in italian language?

  • mognaga

    oh my god.. were is my comment?

  • Aputure

    Any problem?

  • Aputure

    Sorry, we haven’t so far. Any problem of operation?

  • Aputure

    Thank u for great supporting. Plz tell us more about your operation, maybe we can help.

  • Peter

    Hi got my Aputure Pro Coworker II the otehr day, BUT it will not direct shoot why? my camera is a Nikon D3200

  • Aputure

    Hi Peter,
    Would you offer me your setting data? The device model no is AP-WTR3N?

    Best regards


  • TP

    I tried to download manual but te url isn’t working. Is this remote also for Nikon d7100

  • Aputure

    Could u try the manual here?
    And which url can’t u open? I just click our product page and download it successfully.

    It can work with D7100, u can choose model: WTR3N.

  • TP

    Ok, I thought I could download via Chrome but no way. Further than the Indication of opening the page doesn’t go. Please mail me the manual

  • Aputure

    Hi Dear,
    It is ok,i will send you email.
    Best regards

  • Aputure

    Hi Blair Smith,
    Yes, the Pro Coworker II AP-WTR1C can work for Pentax K-50.
    By the way, if you have any questions, you would send to
    Best regards

  • Aputure

    Hi dear,

    The length of antenna affect your controling for your camera. The perfect length of antenna is 17.25cm. Please keep your antenna in 3/4 long and remote it.
    PS if you have any questions, you would send email

    Best regards

  • Aputure

    Please try it again as follows:
    Put the batteries in transmitter, receiver and camera, and then switch transmitter and camera on at first.
    Plug the receiver in camera.
    Set the transmitter in channel 1 and keep it in Remote Mode.
    Switch the receiver on and keep pressing the set button till the indicator lasting red.
    Set all time details in transmitter and keep it in Timer Mode when you want to time remote your camera.
    Press Start/Stop button. You can control it.
    And I have to emphasiz the following things:
    do not switch the receiver on so early before you connect it with transmitter. It will sleep within 10 seconds if without operation.
    make sure you have switched your camera on when you connect transmitter with receiver.
    Keep the screen of transmitter in Remote Mode when connect
    transmitter with receiver. And also keep it in Timer Mode when you’d like to time remote your camera.

  • Grant

    Can this product be used to control shooting in video mode on a Canon 1100 EOS?

  • Aputure

    Hi,The Pro Coworker is a product used for shooting,not recording. If you need to use it in video mode,please check Aputure V-Remote IR controller which makes video shooting easier than ever.
    All the best
    The A Team

  • Aputure

    Hi Bert,Many thanks for contacting again!
    I am sorry,Aputure only warrants the original consumer from defects for 1 year.According to your description,I think you can replace the battery connection if you know soldering.And I need to suggest you remove the batteries when you do not use the product:-)
    All the best
    The A Team

  • Bert

    Hello !
    Thanks for your quick answer. Too bad for me… Anyway, I will try to fix the remote as you proposed (I have nothing to lose :-).
    All the best!

  • Aputure

    Hello Bert,
    It’s my pleasure! Many tks for your support of Aputure!
    Any question,please feel free to contact us.
    Nice day
    The A Team

  • S Venkat

    Can someone please tell me how to get it connected it with D750 Nikon i have bought a Apature Pro Co Worker ii WTR3N Wireless RX. I cannot able to connet it and click picture wirelessly and also brief me on how to take long exposure pictures through this remote.

    Venkat S

  • Aputure

    Hi Dear,
    I’ve transfer your case to our CS,our CS will help you ,pls check your mailbox.
    Best regards
    The A Team

  • Aputure

    Dear Kelley,
    I have transferred your case to Aputure CS.Please check your mailbox.Thank you for your support of Aputure!
    All the best
    The A Team

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