Aputure Pro Coworker II Timer Remote released

Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce the Pro Coworker II, a wireless timer device, perfect for shooting incredible time-lapse sequences.

It can be used as a wireless timer remote, wired timer remote, wireless shutter remote and wired shutter remote.

Product Overview

Pro Coworker II is a wireless intervalometer designed for precise control over time lapse exposures. Set the self timer, exposure length,frequency, and picture count from the palm of your hand. It also allows continuous shooting or bulb exposures. Time can be preset  from 1 second up to 99 hours. The LCD panel is backlit for night time shooting convenience. 

Other features include: clock display, button lock function and a replaceable shutter cable, making for a wonderful photography experience.

Click here for more details on the product page.

Main Features

  • Timer Function
  • 4 in 1 Functions
  • FSK 2.4G wireless frequency
  • Replaceable shutter cable
  • Power-saving LCD screen
  • Clock Display
  • Button Lock Function
  • Excellent design & appearance
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    • http://www.aputure.com/blog Aputure

      Hi Vanyi,
      That doesn’t make sense. The difference between AF and MF is that AF needs the lens focus first before shooting.So I will suggest you set the Delay to 3s to allow the lens to focus first.
      If my suggestion doesn’t help,please email cs@aputure.com for the settings on camera and Pro Coworker II.
      Best Regards
      The A Team

    • Vanyi Szabolcs

      I have a problem, with my Pro Coworker II.
      I can take pictures wireless just when I set my lens on MF (manual focus).
      On AF I can take pictures just with the wire.
      Please help me!
      Thank you!

    • http://www.aputure.com/blog Aputure

      Hi Victor,Sorry,no.the least is 1 sec.
      Best Regards
      A Team

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