Black Friday Sale

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving with beloved friends and family. We’re also hoping that your camera gear is working in tip top shape to capture this magical time of year.

Now Aputure never does sales. They really rarely happen ever for us. As you all know, we keep our prices as low as we can possible make them. It’s a part of our mission to making filmmaking affordable for anyone who has a creative vision and burning desire to create. 

But seeing that it’s Black Friday and the Holiday Season, we’ve scraped together the best deals we can put on! Get ready to see your favorite Aputure gear, being offered at an even more discounted price.


Item Normal Price Black Friday Price
VS-1 $178 $125.00
AMARAN AL-H160 $48 $40.00
AMARAN AL-H198 $58 $49.00
VS-2 $232 $199.00
DEC-E $389 $339.00
DEC-MFT $389 $339.00

All the best,

The A-Team

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  • Rob

    I am trying to purchase some gear using the discount, but where are these items available at the discount?

  • Rob

    Hello, where are the products available at the BlackFriday prices?

  • Nicholas Gonzalez

    How? There is no place that site that sells the vs-2 at that price. Your shop now link doesn’t work.

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