Announcing the VS FineHD Line: Over 1080p, Under $200

Until now, the standard resolution of a 7″ field monitor is 800×600 pixels. Companies and manufacturers have pushed to do more creating monitors at higher price tags that provided 1200 x 800 resolution screens. Aputure has done the same with the VS-2 and VS-3. That being said there are few, if any, monitors that boast a true 1920 x 1080p resolution screen.

With all of that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the VS-FineHD line, which boasts a screen of OVER 1920 x 1080p resolution. Both the VS-1 and VS-2 FineHD have screens that are 1920 x 1200p resolution, meaning that these monitors allow for additional camera data or space for monitor menus so they no longer overlap your image.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 6.02.27 PM

But that’s not all. Now Aputure has pushed the envelope even more by keeping the VS-1 FineHD under $200 dollars, making it one of the most affordable and high-tech monitors on the market. This screen is powered by a 450 nit brightness and 1200:1 contrast ratio monitor in a lightweight casing that runs off common Sony NP-F type batteries. The display itself is a glossy IPS-type with an ultra-wide 160 degree viewing angle and vivid colours. You also get a sunshade in the box. It also accepts HDMI or component video signals.

The VS-2 FineHD adds focus assist features like focus peaking and false colour.

If you do want additional professional monitoring functions, then you can get the Aputure VS-2 FINEHD for $279. It has the same body as the VS-1, but includes focus peaking in different colours, false colour for exposure, histogram, zebras and audio level meters. You also get a battery, charger, impact-proof, water-resistant case and articulating arm.

As always, at Aputure we believe the future is a bright one. Filled with technology that is not only cutting-edge, but also affordable to all.

Go create your vision. We’re supporting you guys the best we can.

For more info check out the Aputure website.

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    Hi Users,
    Sorrry. They are different monitor and firmware.

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    Hi Aputure, I’ve got an Aputure VS-2 normal versione, is it possible to install the firmware of the VS-2 fine HD? thank you

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