Aputure is determined to provide professional-grade equipment at an affordable price. We believe creators should never have to compromise their vision because of having a limited budget.

Founded in 2005 by a team of inspired photographers and filmmakers, the origins of Aputure stem from a group of artists who wanted to create high-quality content, but struggled with steep cost of equipment needed to do so. Determined to change this, they started Aputure: the first company to provide truly affordable camera accessories with all the features and quality of top-line gear.

Today, Aputure sells in over 70 countries with offices in the US and Asia. We specialize in a wide variety of accessories for both digital filmmakers and photographers including, but not limited to: LED Lights, Monitors, Shoulder Rigs, Follow Focus Systems, Microphones, External Flash Units and Lens Adapters.

As a part of the creative community, Aputure continues to develop for ever-expanding needs of budding artists and professionals alike. Each member of our team has felt the burning desire to bring a creative vision to life so no matter your project–we’re here to help. 

Keep Shooting, 
The A-Team
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Among the employees at Aputure are actual photographers, using our very own products in the field, studio, at home, and on assignments. We’re here to talk about all aspects of photography – from news to reviews to photographer profiles to the ever-changing world of creative work. Of course, we’ll also keep you updated on our latest and greatest products,  as well as what’s going on with our company – from our excursions to our office happenings to even the odd interview of one of our employees every now and then.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts. Feel free to make use of our various tutorials, read our reviews, visit the excellent sites in our top ten lists, learn from great photographers,  get inspiration from photo essays, keep up with the latest rumors, check out our shots of the week, follow our company news, and leave a comment or two.

-The A-Team

Aputure Team at the Beach

The A-Team in Zhaoqinq

The A-Team on a bike and beach trip


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