Nobody can deny the power of pictures. They evoke empathy and are tools for cultivating emotional identification with others. But perhaps the strongest photos are those that are controversial. This brings out the classical question: What a role should a … READ MORE

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The Oldest Photos in the World

Photography has been around for a while.

Pinhole cameras” were even described by Chinese philosophers and Greek mathemeticians as far back as 500BC. But it wasn’t until the early 1800s that we saw our first permanent photographs. Let’s take a … READ MORE

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A few months ago, I noticed that we had some posts that I felt were under performing. So I set about to brush them up a bit and see if I could increase their hits with a bit of SEO tweaking. I choose 10 posts, and applied a variety of changes to them. Mostly, I focused on keywords in the Page Title. I also focused the Meta Description on vital keywords relevant to the post.

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The Best Food Photography Studio in the World?

Studios. Every photographer wishes they had one. Those that have them sometimes hardly ever use them (me!). Those you would think certainly have them, sometimes don’t (Strobist!).

Well, who knew a photography studio could be 100% dedicated to food, but … READ MORE

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The A-Team shoots Berry at Lotus Mountain

Last weekend, the Aputure Team went on a photoshoot at Lotus Mountain, a popular local landmark/park here in Shenzhen.

About 15 members of our team got together with their cameras in tow, while one of our photographers taught them about … READ MORE

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Hubble is partially known for it’s Deep Field photographs – those looking at tiny points in the sky, deep into space and time. One startling thing to note – to examine the entire sky at the same detail as these images would take over a million years.

Starting in 1995, several deep field photos have been made. Let’s go through them…

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11 Beautiful Girls – Women’s Day 2013

We’re going to celebrate Women’s Day this year by highlighting 10 wonderful shots of women in our Flickr group. Women come in many shapes and shades and styles, and we’d like to show some appreciation to all of them for … READ MORE

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Top 10 Most Expensive Photographs In The World

We are back from the Lunar New Year holiday and will kick the year of the snake off with a top 10 list of the most expensive photos ever sold. This was triggered by someone who mentioned that one of READ MORE

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Behind the Scenes: Barack Obama Photos

In my opinion, Pete Souza has one of the luckiest photography jobs in the world – personal photographer of Barack Obama and the White House. Pete gets to be a fly on the wall in a world most of us … READ MORE

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London on Flickr

As the Olympics approach, let’s take a look at the host city of London.

It’ll be the British capital’s 2nd time in the Olympic spotlight, and it has no shortage of historical sites and monuments scattered throughout. We scanned the … READ MORE

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