Aputure V-Grip VG-1 Review

Punch in, set focus, change aperture, and start/stop video with your Canon DSLRs from a remote video handle. Here’s a look at the new Aputure VG-1 V-Grip USB Follow Focus Video Remote Handle.

For those unfamiliar, the Canon DSLRs … READ MORE


More and more photographers are attracted by Macro photography. They are very curious how to choose a nice tool to help them to finish their dream work. Luckily, we have gathered some reviews of  macro extension tube. The final images … READ MORE


Since V-Screen vs-1 was released on March 29th, V-Screen has surprised us and Aputure fans. It is in fact a very basic video monitor while luckily fans have found its another better advantage in live view. If u … READ MORE


Aputure V-Mic Reviews

Do u want to save a lot of cash on super-cardioid shotgun or microphone? Do u want to achieve satisfying audio effect? U can move your step into the reviews and get a second choice besides Rode microphone.





Roud views of Amaran Halo Ring Flash

Last month, we have made a giveaway of Amaran halo ring flash on Chinese xitek .

And luckily, the winners have responsed to us with nice reviews.  I have gathered all reviews of amran halo ring flash in China. Let’s … READ MORE


Lighting Rumours just came out with a new review of our popular 528 LED video light series. Here are a few excerpts..

First impressions

“So, a brand new Amaran AL-528C straight out of the box and already I’m impressed by READ MORE

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Reviews – Amaran 528 LED Video Lights

“You will have to purchase a set of Sony NPF style batteries, but you don’t need to purchase a charger, since the Amaran LED light allows you to charge the batteries while mounted to the LED light (I haven’t tested how long to charge a battery). I have to admit, the digital display does come in handy when you’re monitoring power from a glance. Why doesn’t all LED lights have this?”

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Canon 70D vs Nikon D7100 Preview

Canon has just dropped the ball and announced the long awaited 70D, successor to the popular 60D, after nearly 3 years of waiting. The Nikon D7100 has been around the block for some time, but these two cameras are pitted READ MORE

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Smartphones are changing photography.

Compact cameras are declining in popularity. The iPhone is now the most popular camera on Flickr – in fact it occupies the top three spots! Some photogs are even shooting weddings entirely with smartphones (and … READ MORE

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It’s been a while since our last comparison of large sensor compacts. But this one will focus on fixed lens variants.

The market has seen a rash of new APS-C compact cameras with fast primes – great news for enthusiast … READ MORE

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