The big debate rages on: which camera is better: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 or the Sony Alpha 7s? A simple Google fill-in poll will show you that this question weighs heavily on the mind of those who are … READ MORE

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More and more photographers are getting interested in Macro photography, but don’t know where to start. They’re curious about what settings to use, how to angle their photos and  how to choose the best tool in recreating their vision. To READ MORE

Aputure V-Grip VG-1 Review

Punch in, set focus, change aperture, and start/stop video with your Canon DSLRs from a remote video handle. Here’s a look at the new Aputure VG-1 V-Grip USB Follow Focus Video Remote Handle.

For those unfamiliar, the Canon DSLRs … READ MORE


More and more photographers are attracted by Macro photography. They are very curious how to choose a nice tool to help them to finish their dream work. Luckily, we have gathered some reviews of  macro extension tube. The final images … READ MORE


Since V-Screen vs-1 was released on March 29th, V-Screen has surprised us and Aputure fans. It is in fact a very basic video monitor while luckily fans have found its another better advantage in live view. If u … READ MORE


Aputure V-Mic Reviews

Do u want to save a lot of cash on super-cardioid shotgun or microphone? Do u want to achieve satisfying audio effect? U can move your step into the reviews and get a second choice besides Rode microphone.




Roud views of Amaran Halo Ring Flash

Last month, we have made a giveaway of Amaran halo ring flash on Chinese xitek .

And luckily, the winners have responsed to us with nice reviews.  I have gathered all reviews of amran halo ring flash in China. Let’s … READ MORE


Lighting Rumours just came out with a new review of our popular 528 LED video light series. Here are a few excerpts..

First impressions

“So, a brand new Amaran AL-528C straight out of the box and already I’m impressed by READ MORE

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Reviews – Amaran 528 LED Video Lights

“You will have to purchase a set of Sony NPF style batteries, but you don’t need to purchase a charger, since the Amaran LED light allows you to charge the batteries while mounted to the LED light (I haven’t tested how long to charge a battery). I have to admit, the digital display does come in handy when you’re monitoring power from a glance. Why doesn’t all LED lights have this?”

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Canon 70D vs Nikon D7100 Preview

Canon has just dropped the ball and announced the long awaited 70D, successor to the popular 60D, after nearly 3 years of waiting. The Nikon D7100 has been around the block for some time, but these two cameras are pitted READ MORE

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