The One-Stop Blogpost about Field Monitors

Deciding on new camera gear is always tough. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a field monitor to enhance the production quality of your videos and help you decide if you need a field monitor and, if so, which product is right for you.
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Congratulations! You just made the investment and purchased a shiny new 3-Axis Gimbal for filming. Whether it be the Freefly MOVI or the DJI Ronin or the Came-TV 8000 or the Lettuce Helix–all of them will face a similar problem: … READ MORE
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With more and more people gaining access to professional DSLRs – it’s becoming increasingly obvious that a camera that’s meant to take photos (like the 5DmkIII) doesn’t have the same video “look” … READ MORE


We always have interviews with popular photographers, and this interview below is the

first one with video shooter. Had great opportunity to invite Nitsan Simantov to attend our interview.

He is innately gentle and full of nice ideas in shooting … READ MORE


September Sexy Shooter Spotlight

Are u interested in our monthly photo contest? If  you’ve noticed August photo contest in flickr and facebook, u

will find this big winner: Alberto Rojas. And his images are very very popular in flickr,  do u want to know … READ MORE


I’ve known Jonas Yuan for one year and i was impressed by his thoughtful comments in a forum at the first time. Then I continue to find he is very talented and ambitious. Read on for this short but sincere READ MORE


Teaching Photography with Wilson Hurst

Month after month, we’ve been seeing a steady stream of creative, abstract photographs in our Flickr group from one particular person: Wilson Hurst. Most of these are long exposures, featuring light, smoke, or a spinning “fireball” or sorts (we’re READ MORE

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Film on Flickr with Dave Lawler

Continuing our coverage of film cameras and photographers, here’s our latest discovery on Flickr – Dave Lawler. His photostream is full of simple yet breathtaking film photos of everyday life – which obviously stand apart from digital snaps (though READ MORE

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