We always have interviews with popular photographers, and this interview below is the

first one with video shooter. Had great opportunity to invite Nitsan Simantov to attend our interview.

He is innately gentle and full of nice ideas in shooting … READ MORE


September Sexy Shooter Spotlight

Are u interested in our monthly photo contest? If  you’ve noticed August photo contest in flickr and facebook, u

will find this big winner: Alberto Rojas. And his images are very very popular in flickr,  do u want to know … READ MORE


I’ve known Jonas Yuan for one year and i was impressed by his thoughtful comments in a forum at the first time. Then I continue to find he is very talented and ambitious. Read on for this short but sincere READ MORE


Teaching Photography with Wilson Hurst

Month after month, we’ve been seeing a steady stream of creative, abstract photographs in our Flickr group from one particular person: Wilson Hurst. Most of these are long exposures, featuring light, smoke, or a spinning “fireball” or sorts (we’re READ MORE

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Film on Flickr with Dave Lawler

Continuing our coverage of film cameras and photographers, here’s our latest discovery on Flickr – Dave Lawler. His photostream is full of simple yet breathtaking film photos of everyday life – which obviously stand apart from digital snaps (though READ MORE

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Our 5 Best Interviews

We’ve been a bit slow with interviews lately, but that should pick up soon.

In the meantime, check out some of our more interesting interviews from the past.

We have thrown our questions at quite a few big names in … READ MORE

Film Photography with Chris Thorsten

Welcome to our first interview to feature a film photographer. I recently became aware of Chris Thorsten through an article on his website that has been making rounds, where he explains his rationale behind film. In this interview, he goes READ MORE

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Shooter Spotlight: Tracy Grant of Karuna Photo

I’ve known of Tracy for nearly 8 years now after following her blog, and have watched her photography grow from a hobby into an enterprise.  The mother of four from Michigan somehow makes time for shooting, and has branched out READ MORE

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Shooting in London with Richard Buttner

As the Olympics approach, we thought to interview some photographers based in London. Richard Buttner is a London-based, German-born photographer who also runs a media agency. Read on to find out more   about him and his work…

Tell us about READ MORE

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On a Tangent with Neil van Niekerk

The next installment of our Shooter Spotlight series features Neil van Niekerk – owner of the popular Tangents blog (that we included in this list).  Niekerk is a very accomplished photographer, and we thought it worthy to pry his


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