‘Courage’ video contest 2014 – USD2600

Aputure video contest 2014

Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.

Yes, we are stoked to announce our new video contest 2014. And the theme is…Courage. Create a 1 minute video with your interpretation of … READ MORE

New Video – V-Screen VS-3 Video Monitor

Our latest and greatest video monitor – V-Screen VS-3, has been released.

With an array of advanced features include Peak focus, zebra marking, false color, audio bar, and more, it’s a killer addition to your DSLR video arsenal. We took … READ MORE

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New Video: V-Converter – HDMI Extra Scope

We’ve just finished filming the introductory video to our latest and greatest…V-Converter HDMI Extra Scope.

It gives you professional features for your video monitoring – in any size. You can use it with a small monitor, a larger … READ MORE

If you’ve been considering a macro lens, hold your horses…

I just finished shooting and editing the video for the Aputure Macro Extension Tube Set. I shot around with it for a week to get a feel and get … READ MORE

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Our latest video is finally done!

“A Day in the Park” featuring V2 Set – Carbon Fiber Video Rig. 

You’ll notice that we took a new approach this time around. Instead of focusing solely on the product, we decided to … READ MORE

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The winner of our 2012 video contest was kind enough to share his thoughts on the making of the video. Read on…

“Nick Baldwin here, Director of The Presage. I’d like to briefly explain how The Presage came about.


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2012 Video Contest Winners

Thanks to all those who participated in our 2012 “End of the World” Video Contest. We had some truly excellent entries, all of which you can see here.

We’ve just reviewed the votes, watched the videos, and voted ourselves, … READ MORE

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Merry Christmas from the Aputure Girls

Christmas in China is not quite like Christmas elsewhere, as you can see here.

Despite working on Christmas day, had fun making this video with the Aputure Girls.

Merry Christmas!

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2012 Video Contest Entries

Today is December 21, 2012! The beginning of a new world era!

Here you can see all of our entries for the End of the World Video Contest (which is open until Dec 31st).

Note: the actual voting page is HERE.

Anyways, have a look at some of our entries…

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V-Control Instructional Video

Do you have a V-Control or want to buy one, but not quite sure how it works?

Well, just watch this quick instructional video explaining how it functions, and what it can do.

If you have any further questions, leave … READ MORE

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