We recently know that Aputure has attended a campaign organized by Alibaba.com among 14 companies. Let us see how Aputure sales team fight for this campaign.



Q. What is the Hundreds Regiments Battle?

AIt happened in … READ MORE


Essential Video-Making Equipment You’ve Overlooked

While every video shooter knows they need a camera and lenses (maybe a tripod or a microphone as well), that’s where the buck stops. For most hobbyists, there isn’t any need for things like filtration, stabilization, or lighting. However – … READ MORE


Vote-October & November Photo Contest

Hi all,  welcome to  the second Aputure bimonthly photo contest —-October & November 2014! In order to make the contest more challenging, we have selected 10 new photos from Aputure photo stream.  Everyone could vote for his 3 favorites.


August & September Photo Contest Winners Announced

It is very difficult to choose 2 winners from the 10 selections for finalists in our latest photo contest.  Regardless, we have to face it and here are 2 winners who win the most votes from online fans and Aputure … READ MORE

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Aputure VMic D2 Review

IMG_7816 _MG_2071_MG_2077


I recently got to play with a new shotgun condenser microphone – the Aputure VMic D2 – and I was thoroughly impressed! I’ve used many shotgun mics and this particular one has several useful features that I’ve never seen … READ MORE


Four Simple Gadgets to Make You Look Professional

In the world of professional video equipment – sensor sizes and resolution dimensions have been getting larger and larger – with affordable 4K video becoming readily available to the masses. One thing that’s gotten smaller, however, are camera bodies. It … READ MORE


Never Show Your Model Your Camera Screen!

I see it in photoshoots a lot – the photographer, to appease the model, will show her what she looks like straight from the LCD or OLED screen of his/her camera. I’ve been known to do this as well, when … READ MORE


Will the iPhone 6 Kill Filmmaking?

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.41.14 PM

By now, you’ve heard the almost universal praise for the iPhone 6 – a bigger screen, a better camera, more advanced software, a clearer screen – the list is never-ending. And while yes, the new iPhone can produce stunning HDR … READ MORE


There are a million ways to take a person’s picture.

The modern photographer has many choices to make: Which camera? Which lens? What style? What camera settings? What’s in the background? Who is the model? What sort of pose should … READ MORE


New Released–Aputure V-Screen VS-2 Kit

Shenzhen, China (July 2014)—Aputure, in order to give their users a wider range of options for our V-Screen products, has launched the V-Screen VS-2 7” LCD Field Adv. Monitor.

vs-2 mount on camcorder

The Aputure V-Screen VS-2 is a smart, professional field monitor, … READ MORE

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