The big debate rages on: which camera is better: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 or the Sony Alpha 7s? A simple Google fill-in poll will show you that this question weighs heavily on the mind of those who are … READ MORE

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Shenzhen August 2014——This summer Aputure is very pleased that the most pioneering Amaran light —HR672W/C LED video light is released. HR672 features the CRI as high as 95+. Light up a HR672, you catch dim colors that are … READ MORE


July Photo Contest 2014 Winner-Tunnel Phantoms

It is time to announce the winner of  The July monthly photo contest. Through votes from online fans and Aputure team,   Alberto Rojass image of “Tunnel Phantoms” dominated the competition. Congratulations to winner Alberto Rojas.




Aputure is holding it’s 3rd Gear GiveAway Video Contest of the year. This time the prizes are bigger than ever before and the challenge is right up every filmmaker’s avenue so keep reading below and be sure to download READ MORE


Many shooters must be familiar with various consumer cameras in terms of video performance. But “the fastest camera on the market”, who can get an answer? Vision Research is an international company manufactures high-speed digital camera which are used in … READ MORE

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Nobody can deny the power of pictures. They evoke empathy and are tools for cultivating emotional identification with others. But perhaps the strongest photos are those that are controversial. This brings out the classical question: What a role should a … READ MORE

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New Benefits for Shutterbug

There has been some exciting news for the Shutterbug in recent days.

Nikon D810

In recent years, Nikon has widely become known for its exceptional sensors and processors. It’s always been known as a solid choice for photographers. But this … READ MORE

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Vote—July Photo Contest 2014

Welcome to this monthly photo contest 2014! Here are the 5 best selections from the Aputure Group on Flickr. You can vote until August 5th, 2014.

Please note that there are new rules for 2014: your votes will count … READ MORE

June 2014 Photo Contest Winner- The Wait

The June monthly photo contest winner has been announced today. Bhaskar Dutta’s image of “The Wait” dominated the competition with the most votes from online fans and Aputure team. Congratulations to winner Bhaskar Dutta!

So Bhaskar Dutta … READ MORE

Off to VidCon!

Boy does time fly! This year marks the 9th anniversary of YouTube and the 5th annual VidCon, the world’s largest convention of online videos. These few, but fast years changed everything. Just think about how many of us watch content … READ MORE

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