Congratulations! You just made the investment and purchased a shiny new 3-Axis Gimbal for filming. Whether it be the Freefly MOVI or the DJI Ronin or the Came-TV 8000 or the Lettuce Helix–all of them will face a similar problem: … READ MORE
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How to Photograph Fireworks!

Happy 4th of July! In celebration of today, I’ve prepared a list of Tips and Tricks for when you go out to shoot photographs tonight. In general, when shooting fireworks,  you’ll either wind up with immensely rewarding photos or frustration READ MORE

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Hip, hip! 
Fantastic news from our R&D team came through today and I'm very pleased to be able to share that with the latest update, the Aputure DEC Adapter will now support Image Stabilization on your lenses. In addition 

What is False Color?

Using false color is one of the more interesting ways to gauge the exposure of a picture; think of it as having a special Instagram filter that changes original colours (or true colors) that the camera shows after being READ MORE

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How to Light a Car Interior

With production lighting, certain productions may require you to light a car interior. Whether the scene takes place at night or during the day, this will require some technique.READ MORE

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Lily: Your Personal Drone

Take a look over here. Selfie has gone to a whole other level with The Lily Camera. Boasting slow motion specs and high quality resolution, The Lily Camera is ready to be your type of camera. Mostly aimed at sport READ MORE


The 2015 Tribeca Films Festival displayed a wide array of films that surpassed genre, race, sex, and norm. A constant champion of inclusion for the “different and new”, the Tribeca Film Festival continues its tradition to honor and showcase films READ MORE


An on-set monitor is essential for any type of shoot, be it big or small. You want a monitor that gives you reliable image information, and to be completely blunt and honest, the monitor attached to the camera does not READ MORE

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