Photo Contest

Every month, we give away $80 of free Aputure gear to the winner of our photo contest.

How to enter:  Simply upload your photos to our Flickr group. They must be taken with Aputure gear. Other than that,  anything goes…

How to win:  We choose the top five  finalists for each month. Then we hold a month long vote. Your votes count for 50 percent, and ours count for 50 percent.

The winner? You get $80 of free gear from the Aputure Store. No longer are we only giving away triggers. Now, you can have whatever you want.

How to vote:  Click here…

Good luck! Here are the past winners…



October & November Photo Contest has begun.


September 2014


Hide 'n Seek © Bhaskar Dutta

Hide ‘n Seek © Bhaskar Dutta


August 2014


At the Edge of a Mountain © Masha Sardari

At the Edge of a Mountain © Masha Sardari

July 2014


Tunnel Phantoms © Alberto Rojas

Tunnel Phantoms © Alberto Rojas

June 2014


The Wait

The Wait © Bhaskar Dutta

May 2014


Developed © Sean Wyatt

Developed © Sean Wyatt


April 2014


Nicole © Alberto Rojas

Nicole © Alberto Rojas


March 2014

Invasion of a planet © Venu Gopal

Invasion of a planet © Venu Gopal


January 2014

Appetite for Redux(tion). (PA) © zPRIME

Appetite for Redux(tion). (PA) © zPRIME


2013 Photo of the Year

Spinning © DJ BP

Spinning © DJ BP

December 2013: Self Portrait-1 © Cliff Jessi Sharp

November 2013: Jumping spider © Adolf Abi-Aad

October 2013: Blood dancer @Alberto Rojas

September 2013: Molly © Carol Reilly

August 2013: Anita-uv2 © Alberto Rojas

July 2013: Bald Hill to Wollongong © eOnn

June 2013: Deer at Dusk © Arturas Kerdokas

May 2013: Spinning © DJ BP

April 2013: A New Day © Bhaskar Dutta

March 2013: Oberon S. Tarboosh © Clinton Brandhagen

February 2013: Tancy Marie © Alberto Rojas

January 2013: Save Our Earth © Venu Gopal

2012 Photo of the Year: Beautiful/Disgusting © Joe Bergquist

November 2012: High Speed © Xun Cai

October 2012: Green Impact © Joe Dyer

September 2012: Splash of Zest © Lee Pelling

August 2012: Mariposa © Alberto Rojas

July 2012: Fungi Family © Kenneth Mayfield

June 2012: Family © Bhaskar Dutta

May 2012: Bluebells Moonlight © Lee Pelling

April 2012: Beautiful/Disgusting © Joe Bergquist

March 2012: Nothing New © Lychee Aloe

February 2012: Sofia © Arturas Kerdokas

January 2012: Hot Summers Night © Tristan Jud

December 2011: Untitled © Iko R Kyle

November 2011: Hunter Valley Botanical Gardens © Stewart Hazzell

October 2011: Nickel Mack © zPrime

September 2011: Playing with Fire © Laura Marie Diliberto

August 2011: Cowgirl Up © Casey Wertz

July 2011: Urbanity © David Kerny

June 2011: Floridian Summer Sunset © Alberto Rojas

May 2011: Dancing in the Park © Bruno Nacarato

April 2011: Meditation © Andree Junaidi

March 2011: the things we do for love…© DaedaLusT

February 2011: Trepczenko © Chris Cichuta

January 2011: otorcycling © Hanif Shoaei

December 2010: Self Portrait © Sami Heiskanen

November 2010: And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while © Ian Ho

October 2010: Little Secrets @ Maria Sardari

September 2010: 255/365: this is it then, quick has summer gone © Maria Sardari

August 2010: Station Chase © Javier Odriozola

July 2010: Light in my eyes © Simi S.

  • Tiny Wings Islands

    Your blog is awesome. Would love to know which theme this is. Please email me!

  • Tiny Wings Islands

    Your blog is awesome. Would love to know which theme this is. Please email me!

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