My Camera Collection

If you're like me, you love cameras. As much as the art, I love the toys too. Here is my current collection of cameras - small but growing. You can expect film cameras to grow rapidly in the next year or so!
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Recommended Film Cameras For Under $100

Looking to get into film but not sure where to start? Following on our Introduction to Film Photography post, we’ve have a few recommendations.

Here are several 35mm film cameras that are simple, fun, and finally, CHEAP. You can find … READ MORE

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Recommended Cameras: Compacts

This is the first part in a 3-part series of recommended cameras.

First we will look at compact cameras – aka point-and-shoot cameras. I could just tell you to get a Canon S100 and be done with it, and you’d … READ MORE

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Canon Powershot S95 Preview

The Canon Powershot S95 comes one year after the release of the S90, which was very popular with enthusiasts looking for a capable camera in a compact body. Having owned a S90 for a year now (and loving it), I … READ MORE

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New Canon EOS 60D

Canon has just announced the long anticipated EOS 60D, carrying on the popular XXD line. If you take a look around, you’ll see the internet is up in arms – many see it as an apparent step down. We’ll examine … READ MORE

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Panasonic DMC-LX5 Review

Since the launch of the LX3 nearly 2 years ago, enthusiast and professional photographers alike applauded Panasonic's move to create a serious camera in a small package. The fast aperture, wide angle lens, larger sensor, and variety of external controls made it a top choice for many and complement to many a DSLR. Now, with the release of the LX5, the evolution of Panasonic's premium compact camera continues. A few notable features which stand out from the previous model...
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Canon S90 Sample Shots

Continuing from our previous review of the Canon S90, here are 10 sample shots. These are not intended to be portfolio worthy, but rather to showcase what it can (and can’t) do under a variety of conditions. All photos are … READ MORE

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Canon 60D: Our Wish List

It’s been nearly two years since the release of the 50D, and the next in line is due. If you’re a Canon shooter and on top of camera rumors, you’ve probably heard talk of the 60D via this website.  … READ MORE

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