Aputure will once again be attending China’s top photographic exhibition in Beijing this year.

The 16th China International Photography & Electrical Imaging Fair will go down from April 19-22 in the capitol. If you read Chinese, here’s the website.

We will be at Booth T081. Drop by and say hello :)

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Photography Links of the Week

Some great news and photo features have been making the rounds lately. Here’s a round-up of the most exciting stuff of the week…

The long awaited answer to Canon’s 70-200 f/4 IS – but with an extra stop of stabilization (claimed by Nikon). This should prove to be a popular lens…

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Shooting in China with Ryan Pyle

Our latest interview features China-based photographer Ryan Pyle. I was introduced to his work by a colleague back in 2006, and have been following his photography ever since. If you read the New York Times, chances are you have … READ MORE

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Christmas Greetings from China

In big cities, Christmas trees and decorations are everywhere. Christmas songs are playing from loudspeakers in nearly all stores. And just about every cashier is wearing a Santa hat. Sometimes the decor can be really quirky/odd. Regardless, the holiday is certainly growing over the years.

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Eyestore – Portraits of China

If you follow the world of fashion you’re probably familiar with blogs such as The Sartorialist and their ilk. Showcasing many a shade of young, hip, and odd clothing styles on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, READ MORE

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Iraq vs China: Football in Shenzhen

Following up from our Aputure vs Canon battery grip battle on the last post, I’m going to share some of my experiences shooting the match. I was rather surprised when the Iraq Football Association called me up early one morning and asked me to shoot their team while in Shenzhen. Communication was difficult and the process was one of the most unorthodox I’ve ever encountered. Without a proper contract or assurance, I was a bit skeptical, but took it on faith and jumped at the opportunity anyways as it seemed like a good experience.

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Battery Grips: Aputure vs Canon

One recent morning I got a call from the Iraqi Football Association to cover their match against China here in Shenzhen. Having shot with a Canon battery grip for 5 years, I thought this would be a good chance to … READ MORE

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Best China Photo Blogs & Websites

Being that Aputure is based in China (Shenzhen to be exact), we think it’s a good idea to showcase some of the best photography coming out of the Middle Kingdom. We follow a bunch of blogs and websites, and here are some of our favorites…

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Photo Blogging from China

It just so happens that some of our favorite photographers, whose blogs we follow, are in China at this very moment, blogging about it with beautiful pictures. This is all the more fascinating to us because we are based in … READ MORE

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One of the most interesting photographic projects we’ve ever seen is based right here in our very own city: Shenzhen, China. It’s called “I Live Here“, and is shot by Chinese photographer Baixiaoci. It takes a look … READ MORE

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