March Photo of the Month by Clinton Brandhagen

The winner of the March photo contest comes as a bit of a surprise (to me personally), but the winner is no less deserving. Funny enough, the popular vote exactly mirrors the Aputure vote, for the first time ever.


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October Photo of the Month – Green Impact

Any given month, you’ll find tons of great new photos in the Aputure Pool. This one was no different.

In fact, its getting kind of hard to choose contestants for for the finals. So many previous winners are continuously … READ MORE

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Splash! September Photo of the Month

Summer is over, and fall is here, and so is another photo contest, with yet another repeat winner. Lee Pelling has been getting creative with lemon slices and his efforts have netted him another win.

Some newcomers and a few … READ MORE

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August Photo of the Month

Coming in a bit late, the votes for August are in, and the winner is no surprise.

Alberto Rohas, a former winner, is almost always in the running, and after coming in 2nd place last month, takes home his … READ MORE

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July Photo of the Month: Fungi Family

Summer is heating up and we’ve got a new photo contest winner for you.

The victor for July took the cake by the narrowest of margins – Kenneth Mayfield’s photograph of mushrooms in the forest won by just one … READ MORE

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June Photo of the Month – Family

I had a hunch that the winning photo might win this month – and sure enough it did, despite close competition from several newcomers.

I’m beginning to get a sense for the Aputure Team’s voting tendencies – soft, warm, simple … READ MORE

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May Photo of the Month – Bluebells Moonlight

Happy Childrens Day! 

Another month and another photo contest has come to a close. This one has a funny story.

The winning photo was actually not in the finals until the last second. It replaced one that we booted one … READ MORE

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April Photo of the Month – Cigarette Butts

The Aputure Team never fails to surprise me with their choices – and this month is no different.

I was pretty sure that the 4th image would win with its impressive strobist techniques, but little did I know. In fact, … READ MORE

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