V-Control USB Follow Focus Video

Fresh from the Aputure studio is our latest video showcasing the hot new V-Control USB Follow Focus device.

Ella modeled for the first time, and considering the fact, she did a fine job. Stay tuned for another new video featuring … READ MORE

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Introducing V-Control – USB Follow Focus

Shenzhen, August 2012 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce V-Control, a USB follow-focus controller for your Canon DSLR camera. V-Control is a handheld USB fdesigned to control certain Canon DSLR cameras that use Canon’s USB protocol. Switch between still and video modes with ease. Seven versatile buttons and a center control give you full control over exposure, live-view, and focus settings. It will revolutionize the way you shoot stills and videos.
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Canon EOS 1DX News Roundup

The new Canon EOS 1DX was announced a week ago and there’s been no shortage of discussion about the new professional flagship. The camera won’t be on the market until March of 2010, but the basics are known. All in … READ MORE

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Nikon D3100 hands-on-preview

Nikon D3100

With the release of the Canon 550D and all it’s bells and whistles, Nikon had to do something to address the lower end of the DSLR market, and they did just that with the D3100. It is a … READ MORE

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New Nikon D7000: a Canon 60D killer?

Nikon D7000

After plenty of speculation and rumors (which mostly proved correct), the Nikon D7000 was announced today. We can’t say it’s a pretty looking camera, but it sure is packed full of features. It comes on the heels of … READ MORE

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