Film on Flickr with Dave Lawler

Continuing our coverage of film cameras and photographers, here’s our latest discovery on Flickr – Dave Lawler. His photostream is full of simple yet breathtaking film photos of everyday life – which obviously stand apart from digital snaps (though READ MORE

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Film Photography with Chris Thorsten

Welcome to our first interview to feature a film photographer. I recently became aware of Chris Thorsten through an article on his website that has been making rounds, where he explains his rationale behind film. In this interview, he goes READ MORE

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Top 5 DSLR Video Websites & Blogs

One application increasingly popular for DSLR owners is video and film-making. Also called "HDSLRs", pretty much every modern day DSLR can produce great looking video. And with fast prime lenses, one can achieve incredibly striking and shallow depth of field effects. There are plenty of great resources on the internet for making DSLR videos. Here are the ones that we follow, and we recommend you checking them out as well.
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Recommended Film Cameras For Under $100

Looking to get into film but not sure where to start? Following on our Introduction to Film Photography post, we’ve have a few recommendations.

Here are several 35mm film cameras that are simple, fun, and finally, CHEAP. You can find … READ MORE

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Introduction to Film Photography

If you've been shooting exclusively digital yet are curious about film, now is as great time. Old film cameras are cheap and readily available on eBay and used markets everywhere. There's a special look to film photos, and it'll challenge you to be a better photographer...
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5 Hot Videos from Fstoppers

If you haven’t heard by now, Fstoppers is the hottest website showcasing behind-the-scenes videos about all things photography. Mostly focusing on professional/studio/commercial photography, one can learn a lot by browsing the archives. Most videos come from other sources, but the … READ MORE

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Interview: Steve Gong on North Korea

Editor’s note: Steve Gong has been on our radar since the release of his amazing video of North Korea: Pyongyang Style. Secretly filmed while touring the country, it went viral on the net and for good reason, namely giving

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Aputure Manufacturing Video

And finally the last video in our company profile series: the Aputure manufacturing facilities. A few brief statistics, which you can also see in the video:

  • Founded in 2005
  • 2,000 square meters
  • 90+ employees
  • 500 products daily
  • ISO 9001 approved
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