Top 5 DSLR Video Websites & Blogs

One application increasingly popular for DSLR owners is video and film-making. Also called "HDSLRs", pretty much every modern day DSLR can produce great looking video. And with fast prime lenses, one can achieve incredibly striking and shallow depth of field effects. There are plenty of great resources on the internet for making DSLR videos. Here are the ones that we follow, and we recommend you checking them out as well.
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Introducing V2 Set: V-Rig + V-Wheel + V-MatteBox

Aputure V2 video rig system

Shenzhen, June 21, 2012 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce V2, a video rig system consisting of V-Rig, V-Wheel, and V-MatteBox.

Available either as a full kit or individually, it will elevate … READ MORE

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MagicRig News, Reviews, and Deals

One of our products which has been quietly brewing up a storm is the MagicRig.

It’s an HDSLR Video Bracket that fits snugly on your shoulder, giving you more control over your filming escapades.

Shooters are starting to take … READ MORE

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Learning DSLR Video with Dave Dugdale

Once again, our shooter spotlight features something a bit different. Although Dave Dugdale does take photos, he’s known more for his videos. But don’t let him fool you, as he’s refreshingly un-pretensive despite the quality of his productions. Dave set … READ MORE

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Company Culture Video

Here’s a peek inside the office here at Aputure. Have a look…

Filmed and edited with a Canon 7D and Canon 18-200 IS by Jesse Warren.… READ MORE

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