Review Roundup – Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash

We did not ship out any Halo LEDs for review, but there are a few popping up around the web. This will be the placeholder for all reviews of our Halo LED light.

If you’re considering this light for your … READ MORE

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New Video – Magnum 68TL Speedlite

Our Magnum 68TL Speedlite flash gun has been out for a while, but we’re just now getting around to releasing the product video.

This was filmed back in July, starring Demi of the IT team as our model. I like … READ MORE

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Magnum Speedlite Flash – Review Roundup

"I usually do not use TTL when shooting, but I felt I should test it out on my camera for this review. Flawless. As a matter of fact, I was having a blast with on-camera TTL shooting stuff – and buds – all over the studio. And the interface is so simple, you will most likely not need the manual. (Now that is a far cry from many of the strobes out there with 2″ manuals and more settings than I would ever need.) For my shooting, I want simple and direct. Magnums deliver that." Read more...
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Tutorial: To Strobe or Not?

In the world of product photography, you're probably working with multiple strobes and complex lighting arrangements. This is good and all, but sometimes you don't really need flash lighting. To illustrate, let's take a look at a recently completed project of mine.
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Introducing Magnum 68 Speedlite Flash

Aputure Magnum 68 Speedlite Flash

Shenzhen, May 30, 2012 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our first flash – Magnum 68 Speedlite.

Magnum 68 is the first in a series of upcoming speedlites. It’s an exciting new … READ MORE

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Top 5 Flash & Lighting Websites

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you have an interest in lighting – and particularly off-camera lighting. Throwing a flash off your camera will open up your photographic world to endless possibilities. So we’ve rounded up the best … READ MORE

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Coming at you straight from the Aputure Studio…

Halo was announced recently, and we’ve just completed the introductory video.

It was a pleasure to work with Elva making the video – it was a her first time modeling.

Anyways, without … READ MORE

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Tutorial: Basic “Interview” Lighting Setup

For our latest video, we rigged up some lights to highlight the Aputure Girls on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t exactly an interview, but you could use this setup for any basic ‘one person on camera’ video.

First, here’s the look … READ MORE

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