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Some great news and photo features have been making the rounds lately. Here's a round-up of the most exciting stuff of the week... The long awaited answer to Canon's 70-200 f/4 IS - but with an extra stop of stabilization (claimed by Nikon). This should prove to be a popular lens...
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Models & Landscapes with Pedro Afonso

Every now and then, someone’s photographic work really stands out and catches your eye. Hailing from Portugal, Pedro Afonso is one of those people. Operating in two very divergent fields: landscape and fashion, his images are carefully crafted and masterfully READ MORE

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Strobing in Shenzhen with Ace Eribal

It’s time to profile another local photographic talent: Ace Eribal. He is a graphic designer by trade, expat from the Philippines, and long-term resident of Shenzhen. I was first exposed to Ace’s artistry as the frontman of his rock n’ READ MORE

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Shot of the Week: Runaway Bride

Our shot of the week comes from photographer Michael Chaint in Singapore. It is part of a wonderful series he did entitled Runaway Bride. The lighting for this shot was rather simple, but the effect is great. He used … READ MORE

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iPhone 3Gs in the studio

So lately, news of an iPhone 3Gs in the studio is making the rounds on the internet. The photographers demonstrated that it could create pleasing results (using state of the art lighting equipment no less). Be sure to watch the … READ MORE

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Trigmaster in Action

It combines a 433MHz frequency with 16 channels to give you wireless control your speedlight flash, studio strobe, or camera shutter. It has a range up to 100 meters and fires up to 1/250s.
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