The biggest photography item in the news this past week has been of the Chicago Sun Times and their division to lay off their entire photo staff. Pretty much every photography portal is reporting or blogging about it. As a … READ MORE

Introducing our new comment system (DISQUS)

After 3 years of running the blog, we’ve decided to get with the times and install DISQUS for a better commenting experience. We also encourage you to register with Disqus.

You have a central dashboard to manage all comments, and since many sites around the net use Disqus, you’ll be able to see all of your comments from multiple sites under one hood. Big photography sites that use Disqus include fstoppers, and mega-sites such as CNN, Mashable, etc. It’s a no brainer to register.

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Nikon Mirrorless 1-Series

The big news recently is all about Nikon’s new 1-series cameras: the J1 and V1. Rumors were in the pipeline for a while, and now that they’ve been announced, people are jumping all over it with plenty of opinions.

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Amaran LED Video Light Released

Shenzhen, 5th of August, 2011 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our first LED video light: Amaran.

Aputure Amaran LED Video Light is the perfect continuous lighting solution for your HDSLR or video camera. It uses the latest LED technology, giving you great color and warm, soft lighting to enhance your subject matter. It’s nearly heat free, for a cool and comfortable shooting experience.

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New DSLR Cameras from Canon

It’s always exciting when new cameras come out. This week we are met with a host of new releases from Canon. Most notably the EOS 600D and 1100D, a host of compacts, a new lens, and two flash units. Let’s


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8 Amazing North Korea Photo Essays

North Korea is of course in the news a lot recently, with the recent shelling of a Yeonpyeong Island and the ongoing nuclear weapon disputes. It’s a country that captures the imagination simply because we know so little about it. So we’ve decided to round up a few good photo essays giving you a glimpse into the notoriously secretive state.

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Shooting in the Middle East with Hanif Shoaei

One day we received an email from someone looking for photographic accessories in Beijing. After a few exchanges we came to view his work, which is very compelling and powerful. Hanif Shoaei is a young photographer who has put himself … READ MORE

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New Canon L Lenses

Canon recently announced four L lenses and two extenders. It’s clear they are focusing on the professional market with this update. It came as quite a surprise as we saw neither the fisheye nor the 70-300L coming. The rumored EF-S … READ MORE

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Aputure in the Flickrverse

Aputure has finally joined Flickr (view our page here). We’ve started out by posting a few product photos, but there’s more in the pipeline. We’ll be posting shots taken using our products, showing just what you can do with them. We’ll be posting shots from around the office and the city and our employees.

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Gigtube Wireless Coming Soon

The Gigtube wireless is the latest device from Aputure that gives you live view display and remote control of your camera from a distance, using the latest 2.4G signal transfer technology. The 3.5″ bright color LCD protected by a screen hood, displays great quality pictures even under harsh sunlight conditions.

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