If you’ve been considering a macro lens, hold your horses…

I just finished shooting and editing the video for the Aputure Macro Extension Tube Set. I shot around with it for a week to get a feel and get … READ MORE

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Nikon Macro Tube Extension Set – Announced

Shenzhen, July 2013 – Aputure is pleased to announce the Macro Tube Set for Nikon, a set of extension tubes that will enable superb macro shooting performance with your existing lenses.

Don’t want to shell out all the cash for a dedicated macro lens? Get the Aputure Macro Tube Set and use them with your current Nikon AI lenses. They will enable you to focus closely, retaining TTL, AE, opening an entire new world of photographic possibilities.

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Nikon D7100 Battery Grip Released

Good news for all Nikon D7100 shooters! You now have an affordable battery grip for your shooting needs…

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It’s been a while since our last comparison of large sensor compacts. But this one will focus on fixed lens variants.

The market has seen a rash of new APS-C compact cameras with fast primes – great news for enthusiast … READ MORE

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Preview: Nikon D7100 vs…Canon 70D???

Nikon has just released the D7100, and the Canon 70D is expected to be hot on it’s heals in March. Until then, let’s take a look at the D7100 and how it’s changed from the D7000. First, the key features…

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What’s new at CP+ in Japan

Though not as big as CES or Photokina, CP+ is the biggest photography trade show in Japan and is another opportunity for camera and lens makers to reveal their new goods to the world.

It’s currently going on, and there are several new releases we would like to highlight and comment on, so here we go…

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Introducing Battery Grip for D600

Shenzhen, December 2012 – Aputure is pleased to announce the Battery Grip for the Nikon D600 (BP-D14), an excellent tool that can extend your cameras battery life and enable vertical shooting with ease.

Aputure Battery Grip BP-D14 is a comfortable grip designed for the Nikon D600. Built to enhance portrait orientation shooting, it includes a vertical shutter-release button, AE-L/AF-L button, multi-selector, and two control dials. It can hold one EN-EL15 rechargeable battery or 8 AA batteries. Long battery life and easy vertical shooting is the name of the game with the BP-D14 in hand.

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Introducing D800/E Battery Grip

Aputure is pleased to announce the Battery Grip for the Nikon D800 and D800E, an excellent tool that can extend your cameras battery life and enables vertical shooting with ease.

This Aputure Battery Grip for D800/E is powerful, versatile, and comfortable. It includes all the features necessary for optimal operation of your Nikon camera. From the multi-selector to the command dials to the AF-on and shutter buttons, this battery grip has it all. What’s more, you can power it with either lithium or AA batteries. And it’s made from tough materials, including a metal shell frame.

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Canon 650D vs Nikon D5200

Canon’s 650D has been out for a while now, and Nikon has just followed suit with the new D5200. These two cameras go head to head in a number of ways – feature set, price point, and more. If you’re upgrading or even just making the leap into the DSLR world, both of these cameras offer a compelling argument. Let’s take a deeper look to see which one is right for you…

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New Gear from Nikon

Nikon just came out with a flurry of new announcements, including the 70-200mm f/4 VR telephoto lens, the 1 V2 mirrorless camera, and the announcement of several new lens for that camera. Check out the details below…

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