Photokina 2012 Show Report – 5 Notable Cameras

Photokina 2012 is all wrapped up, and we saw a ton of great new releases.

We touched on some of the most exciting products (including the 6D vs D600) in our preview – see that here.

Now, we will wrap up the show by taking a look at a few goodies that didn’t hog the spotlight, but nonetheless push the envelope.

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The mirrorless market is heating up, and these are two of the heavy hitters on the block as of late. Of course, Sony and Samsung are also in the mix, and Canon (sorta), but these two are spefically targeting serious photographers who like their manual controls, and indeed might snare some of the pro market.

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Olympus PEN Mini vs Lite vs E-P3

If you’re in the market for your first mirrorless or micro-4/3rds camera, you might have your eyes on the new Olympus lineup, which includes 3 different models. Which one is right for you? Dive into this comparison to find out…… READ MORE

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Panasonic GF3 vs Olympus E-P3

It’s been exciting to watch the micro-4/3rds market develop over the past few years, with Panasonic and Olympus championing the new mirrorless technology along with a line of new lenses to accompany their new bodies. Offering smaller, lighter packages with … READ MORE

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Olympus PEN Series updated + new lenses

It seems that large sensor compact cameras are getting ever more popular in the photographic market. Hot on the heels of new micro-4/3rds cameras from Panasonic and Sony, Olympus has released a trio of their own, updating the entire range … READ MORE

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Large Sensor Compact Cameras…compared

One fast growing segment in the camera market is large sensor, compact, camera systems. (aka micro 4/3rds or mirrorless interchangeable lens systems) Their small size, low weight, and top-notch image quality has attracted a large number of photographers over the … READ MORE

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Olympus XZ-1 vs Canon S95

One of the hottest photographic item on the floor of the CES in Las Vegas this month was the Olympus XZ-1 premium compact camera. Joining the high-end compact party with Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and others; it’s got a number of things working in it’s favor. But with the Canon S95 recently placing at the top of DPReview’s recent enthusiast compact group test, you might wonder how they fare against one another. Let’s take a look, and see which camera wins out in their respective categories.

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