Behind the Scenes: Barack Obama Photos

In my opinion, Pete Souza has one of the luckiest photography jobs in the world – personal photographer of Barack Obama and the White House. Pete gets to be a fly on the wall in a world most of us … READ MORE

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Shooting models with Chris Callanta

This week’s shooter spotlight focuses on a talented photographer in Richmond, Virginia who mostly shoots models. Chris’ photos caught our eye not only because they contained beautiful women, but because of the occasional stories and commentary accompanying the photos. There … READ MORE

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NYC’s Christian Sanchez

Sometimes a photographer has a style that just screams “postcard worthy”. Christian Sanchez is one of those photographers. We came across his work while browsing the web and were immediately impressed. It’s no surprise that he is a teacher of … READ MORE

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Shooting in Malaysia with Hari Sundaram

Recently while browsing Flickr, we came across a great image of a beautiful model with a certain company’s name in the background. Upon looking further into this guy’s stream, we found that many of his photos were extraordinary. And, that … READ MORE

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Breakdancing with Peter Tsai

Every now and then, a photographer on Flickr really catches your eye. The most recent of these for us was Peter Tsai. His unconventional portraits, action shots, beautifully executed HDR images, and every day photos really caught our attention. It’s … READ MORE

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Around the world with James Morgan

Many people imagine the life of a documentary photographer as one who travels the globe on dream assignments, seeing and shooting beautiful destinations and experiencing diverse cultures. James Morgan might just be one of those. This young photographer based in … READ MORE

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Shooting with quirky Chris Lay

Some photographers are obviously passionate about their craft, and Christopher Lay is certainly one of them. Always looking for an excuse to go shooting, Chris has been travelling the world and shooting sights and cultures around the globe for a … READ MORE

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Top 5 Photography Blogs in the World

Photoblogs are gaining in popularity every year. I remember the first time I saw one in the year 2004, and was instantly hooked. The minimal yet elegant concept of one photo prominently displayed on a website’s homepage was very appealing. It gave prominence to the image, allowing viewers to digest it slowly and fully. Many photoblogs are updated daily; others at the sporadic whims of their owners. Over the years, I’ve been following quite a few number of photoblogs. Some have come and gone, but there are several that have stayed strong over time, always providing stunning imagery and inspiration to my own photographic quests. Here is a list of what I consider to be the top 5 photoblogs on the internet. Dive in and take a look!

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Shooting with Tall Tim Kelley

Many photographers can look back and think of someone who sparked their interest in photography and inspired them to be creative with a camera in hand. For me, one of those persons was Tim Kelley. Kelley embodies what is fun … READ MORE

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Shooter Spotlight: Tyler Jones

This is the first in a series of regular photographer spotlights. We’d like to showcase different shooters  from around the world, their stories, and their unique bodies of work. The first in this series, Tyler Jones, is a young professional … READ MORE

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