New Video: V-Remote IR Controller

Just finished the video for V-Remote, an IR remote controller for your video rig.

Anita starred in the video, and did an excellent job! Have a look…and stay tuned for another new video with another new Aputure girl :)


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Introducing V-Control – USB Follow Focus

Shenzhen, August 2012 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce V-Control, a USB follow-focus controller for your Canon DSLR camera. V-Control is a handheld USB fdesigned to control certain Canon DSLR cameras that use Canon’s USB protocol. Switch between still and video modes with ease. Seven versatile buttons and a center control give you full control over exposure, live-view, and focus settings. It will revolutionize the way you shoot stills and videos.
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Gigtube Wireless II Released

Shenzhen, December 20th, 2011 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our latest device, the Gigtube Wireless II. The new version follows on the heels of the original Gigtube, and adds many new features to the list.
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Trigmaster Plus 2.4G Review Roundup

Just before our new 2.4G Trigmaster Plus transceivers were released, we handed over a bunch of units to talented photographers for testing and feedback, asking for unbiased opinions and reviews. Here’s a few of them. Stay tuned to this … READ MORE

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2.4G Trigmaster Plus Released + Video

Shenzhen, 25th of March, 2011 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our latest flash trigger, the 2.4G Trigmaster Plus. The new version follows on the heels of the original Trigmaster Plus, and is the latest in our popular Trigmaster line, offering reliable control of your flash, strobe, and camera.
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Remote Shutter Release – Options from Aputure

Triggering your camera from afar is something just about every photographer wants to do at one point or another. The reasons for doing so run the gamut; from not wanting to disturb your subject, to putting your camera on top … READ MORE

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Pole Photography with Gigtube Wireless

Dusk Jet © Lee Jinks

We have something different for our shot of the week this time. Shooting from a pole is a rare niche in the world of photography. I remember corresponding with a pole photography enthusiast about … READ MORE

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Station Chase with an RF Remote

This week’s featured shot comes from Javier Odriozola, a graphic designer from Uruguay. Otherwise known as kanirasta on Flickr, Javier says, “this is the Aputure remote in action, shooting intervals and later composing different takes into one, just three people … READ MORE

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