The A-Team shoots Berry at Lotus Mountain

Last weekend, the Aputure Team went on a photoshoot at Lotus Mountain, a popular local landmark/park here in Shenzhen.

About 15 members of our team got together with their cameras in tow, while one of our photographers taught them about … READ MORE

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Iraq vs China: Football in Shenzhen

Following up from our Aputure vs Canon battery grip battle on the last post, I’m going to share some of my experiences shooting the match. I was rather surprised when the Iraq Football Association called me up early one morning and asked me to shoot their team while in Shenzhen. Communication was difficult and the process was one of the most unorthodox I’ve ever encountered. Without a proper contract or assurance, I was a bit skeptical, but took it on faith and jumped at the opportunity anyways as it seemed like a good experience.

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Shenzhen Parties with Johnson Zhang

If you’ve been clubbing in Shenzhen, chances are you’ve seen Johnson Zhang taking pictures, and probably been shot by him, only to find yourself up on Shenzhen Party a few days later. I’ve known Johnson for several years now, and READ MORE

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Strobing in Shenzhen with Ace Eribal

It’s time to profile another local photographic talent: Ace Eribal. He is a graphic designer by trade, expat from the Philippines, and long-term resident of Shenzhen. I was first exposed to Ace’s artistry as the frontman of his rock n’ READ MORE

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The Right to Shoot in Public

As a part of the London Street Photography Festival, six photographers recently hit the streets of London with the goal of photographing specific public places. As expected, they were approached by security in all cases, and police officers in three … READ MORE

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Freelancing in Shenzhen with Bruce Zheng

About a month ago I organized a prom party in China, and aside from having a blast and getting a ton of fun pictures, I noticed another photographer snapping away with a small camera (Ricoh GR Digital?) and off-camera … READ MORE

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Photo Blogging from China

It just so happens that some of our favorite photographers, whose blogs we follow, are in China at this very moment, blogging about it with beautiful pictures. This is all the more fascinating to us because we are based in … READ MORE

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One of the most interesting photographic projects we’ve ever seen is based right here in our very own city: Shenzhen, China. It’s called “I Live Here“, and is shot by Chinese photographer Baixiaoci. It takes a look … READ MORE

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Strobing in Shenzhen: Adrien Bernard

Our next installment of the shooter spotlight series comes from our own backyard here in Shenzhen. Having lived here for over six years and shooting just about everything imaginable, it’s nice to see someone with a fresh take on the … READ MORE

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10 Great Photos of Shenzhen – Our Home!

You might be wondering where exactly we are located. The answer is Shenzhen, China. A city of more than 10 million which just celebrated it’s 30th birthday. Before that, the area was was a smattering of farming and fishing … READ MORE

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