New Video – Magnum 68TL Speedlite

Our Magnum 68TL Speedlite flash gun has been out for a while, but we’re just now getting around to releasing the product video.

This was filmed back in July, starring Demi of the IT team as our model. I like … READ MORE

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Magnum Speedlite Flash – Review Roundup

“I usually do not use TTL when shooting, but I felt I should test it out on my camera for this review. Flawless. As a matter of fact, I was having a blast with on-camera TTL shooting stuff – and buds – all over the studio. And the interface is so simple, you will most likely not need the manual. (Now that is a far cry from many of the strobes out there with 2″ manuals and more settings than I would ever need.) For my shooting, I want simple and direct. Magnums deliver that.” Read more…

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Introducing Magnum 68TL Speedlite Flash

Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our second flash – Magnum 68TL Speedlite (MG-68TL).

It’s an exciting new flash gun with a variety of features. Regarded as “the monster of speedlites”, it has TTL control, 4 sec recycle time, an external power port enabling 2 sec recycle, precise brightness control, 5 flash modes, optical sensor, power saving mode, and a PC sync port.

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It was with great pleasure that I was recently contacted by the New York Times to do some environmental portraits for their Upfront magazine. Figuring this would be a good opportunity to use our new Magnum 68 flash gun in … READ MORE

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Featured Work: Rainbow Smoke by Sean Wyatt

A set of pictures in our Flickr group recently caught our attention, Using three flashes, some Trigmaster Plus units, and a bit of imagination, photographer Sean Wyatt did an excellent job, and we think the results are worth sharing. … READ MORE

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Top 5 Flash & Lighting Websites

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you have an interest in lighting – and particularly off-camera lighting. Throwing a flash off your camera will open up your photographic world to endless possibilities. So we’ve rounded up the best … READ MORE

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Shenzhen, May 9, 2012 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our latest flash trigger, the Trigmaster II 2.4G.

Trigmaster II is the perfect triggering solution for your speedlite, studio strobe, and camera shutter needs. It inherits the advantages of the previous models while adding exciting new features, bringing you a splendid flash and camera control experience.

It has a plethora of features jam-packed into a small unit, including 1/250s sync speed, 16 channels, and more. If you’re just getting into off-camera flash photography, or even been in the game for a while, Trigmaster II won’t let you down.

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Hot Summers Night – January Photo of the Month

Our first photo contest prize of 2012 goes to Tristan Jud, whom we have interviewed before. He took 1st place by just one vote for his beautiful and dramatically lit portrait. Tristan has also been getting busy with our Trigmaster … READ MORE

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Shenzhen Parties with Johnson Zhang

If you’ve been clubbing in Shenzhen, chances are you’ve seen Johnson Zhang taking pictures, and probably been shot by him, only to find yourself up on Shenzhen Party a few days later. I’ve known Johnson for several years now, and READ MORE

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Shooter Spotlight – Jason Lee & Kids

Our next interview features some of the most eye-catching photos we’ve ever seen. Jason Lee has two adorable little girls, and comes up with some of the most inventive shooting concepts ever; some of which are downright hilarious. Aside from READ MORE

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