New Video: V-Remote IR Controller

Just finished the video for V-Remote, an IR remote controller for your video rig.

Anita starred in the video, and did an excellent job! Have a look…and stay tuned for another new video with another new Aputure girl :)


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Introducing V-Remote IR Controller

V-Remote makes shooting videos and stills easier than ever. It's highly sensitive, has a long distance range, and operates easily. It can be mounted on most rigs, can attach to your camera strap, and can also be held in your hand, especially useful for self-portraits. Free your hands from the camera, so you can remotely start and stop video and trigger the shutter as you wish, wherever you want.
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Introducing V2 Set: V-Rig + V-Wheel + V-MatteBox

Aputure V2 video rig system

Shenzhen, June 21, 2012 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce V2, a video rig system consisting of V-Rig, V-Wheel, and V-MatteBox.

Available either as a full kit or individually, it will elevate … READ MORE

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Trigmaster Plus 2.4G Video Review

Our Trigmaster and Trigmaster Plus 2.4G units have been in the hands of Israeli photographer Raphael ben Dor for a while now, and he’s gotten around to producing an excellent video review here on Youtube. Click through or just watch … READ MORE

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Explaining our new LED Lights

Recently, we released our new Amaran LED lights – AL-198A and AL-198C, controlling beam angles and color temperature, respectively. We produced a couple of graphics, photographs, and charts showing you exactly what this means in practice. Let’s take a … READ MORE

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Introducing Amaran 198A & 198C LED Video Lights

Amaran 198A features a beam angle adjustment wheel, for use shooting both wide angles and telephoto. Amaran 198C features a color temperature adjustment wheel, for use shooting under tricky lighting conditions. Whatever the shooting environment, these two LEDs can adapt to give you the lighting you need.
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Learning DSLR Video with Dave Dugdale

Once again, our shooter spotlight features something a bit different. Although Dave Dugdale does take photos, he’s known more for his videos. But don’t let him fool you, as he’s refreshingly un-pretensive despite the quality of his productions. Dave set … READ MORE

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Amaran Matrix Lighting Explained

Now that our new Amaran LED Video Light is on the market and in the hands of customers, we'd like to explain the Matrix Lighting technology that makes it so special. Amaran uses two different types of bulbs: one at a narrow 25 degree angle, and one at at wider 60 degree angle. This ensures that you can pull off shots and videos of both wide angle and zoomed-in telephoto scenes. Watch the video and check out the photos below for further clarification.
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