New Video: V-Converter – HDMI Extra Scope

We’ve just finished filming the introductory video to our latest and greatest…V-Converter HDMI Extra Scope.

It gives you professional features for your video monitoring – in any size. You can use it with a small monitor, a larger … READ MORE

If you’ve been considering a macro lens, hold your horses…

I just finished shooting and editing the video for the Aputure Macro Extension Tube Set. I shot around with it for a week to get a feel and get … READ MORE

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Merry Christmas from the Aputure Girls

Christmas in China is not quite like Christmas elsewhere, as you can see here.

Despite working on Christmas day, had fun making this video with the Aputure Girls.

Merry Christmas!


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Are you watching DigitalRev TV?

Without question, DigitalRev TV is producing some of the most funny (and also informative) photography videos on the internet.

They’ve got a hilarious host in Kai, a Hong Konger with a strong British accent, his nerdy sidekick Lok, and the … READ MORE

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New Video – Magnum 68TL Speedlite

Our Magnum 68TL Speedlite flash gun has been out for a while, but we’re just now getting around to releasing the product video.

This was filmed back in July, starring Demi of the IT team as our model. I like … READ MORE

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The latest video from the Aputure studios showcases our latest product, the Trigmaster II.

It features yet another one of the Aputure sales girls, Grace, and I think she did a fabulous job for her first time in front … READ MORE

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Shenzhen, May 9, 2012 - Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce our latest flash trigger, the Trigmaster II 2.4G. Trigmaster II is the perfect triggering solution for your speedlite, studio strobe, and camera shutter needs. It inherits the advantages of the previous models while adding exciting new features, bringing you a splendid flash and camera control experience. It has a plethora of features jam-packed into a small unit, including 1/250s sync speed, 16 channels, and more. If you're just getting into off-camera flash photography, or even been in the game for a while, Trigmaster II won't let you down.
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Interview with Lee Morris of F-Stoppers

A relatively new website that’s been making a lot of noise lately is fstoppers, showcasing primarily behind-the-scenes videos, among other things. Lee Morris is one of the co-founders, and runs a wedding photography business on the side. He has READ MORE

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