The Best of Ken Rockwell

Ken Rockwell is one of the most popular figures in photography (there's even a fake Ken website). He is also one of the most divisive. Search for anything photo-related and chances are Ken's pages will rank towards the top. He is opinionated, controversial and lays it bare for all. Perhaps that's the method to his madness. But there is no denying he has a passion for photography and spends plenty of time snapping away.
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Retrospective: A Review of DPReview

I’ve been a member of dpreview since 2005. Over the years it’s changed a lot. And mostly for the better. Usually, dpreview does all the reviewing. But now it’s time to turn the tables. Thus we bring you a review … READ MORE

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If you're a photographer, you probably know this website. It's always exciting when the team over at DPReview (the biggest and best camera review site on the net) upgrades their website with new features. This week they had quite major facelift, including new product pages, feature search, lens data and user reviews. Let's take a closer look at what this means, and how you can make use of it.
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Top 5 Photo Business Websites

So you’ve been dabbling in professional photography for a while, shot a few weddings, done a few product shoots, and are considering going full time perhaps. There’s no shortage of people telling you not to waste your time and to … READ MORE

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Aputure in the Flickrverse

Aputure has finally joined Flickr (view our page here). We've started out by posting a few product photos, but there's more in the pipeline. We'll be posting shots taken using our products, showing just what you can do with them. We'll be posting shots from around the office and the city and our employees.
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Top 5 Photography Blogs in the World

Photoblogs are gaining in popularity every year. I remember the first time I saw one in the year 2004, and was instantly hooked. The minimal yet elegant concept of one photo prominently displayed on a website's homepage was very appealing. It gave prominence to the image, allowing viewers to digest it slowly and fully. Many photoblogs are updated daily; others at the sporadic whims of their owners. Over the years, I've been following quite a few number of photoblogs. Some have come and gone, but there are several that have stayed strong over time, always providing stunning imagery and inspiration to my own photographic quests. Here is a list of what I consider to be the top 5 photoblogs on the internet. Dive in and take a look!
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Top 5 Camera & Lens Review Sites

A quick search leads you to oodles and oodles of camera review sites. Which ones are the best? As camera geeks, we’ve been consulting review sites for years, and have settled on a few of the best ones on the … READ MORE

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