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Your story more vivid 

behind every pixel

The VS-1 FineHD on-location monitor provides a vivid visual viewing experience you would expect from Aputure. Featuring a significantly improved resolution of 800x480 to 1920x1200 display.  The 

VS-1 FineHD offers an amazingly clear, bright 

image indoors or on-location with richer color saturation and contrast. The successor to the 

popular VS-1, the new VS-1 FineHD comes

loaded with all the features you’ve come to love 

in a rugged, portable and affordable package.

Near-Perfect image viewing at every angle

When our engineer’s set out to create one of the 

most affordable High Definition field monitors, we 

didn’t stop there, we pushed for a truly gorgeous 

image. With a 450 nit brightness (outdoor viewing) 

and 1200:1 contrast ratio, the VS-1 FineHD provides richer, brighter and more dynamic colors than any contender in its class. Utilizing LTPS (Low 

Temperature Poly Silicon)  LCD screen technology, 

the VS-1 FineHD sports a thinner display, light weight and low power consumption. In addition, it offers on-location and active outdoor filmmakers  near-perfect image viewing at every angle

Better efficiency.
Right at Extra OSD.

Loaded with a new enhance operating system, 

the VS-1 FineHD provides new functions and 

controls via its new OSD menu bar. Battery 

status, input signal format and selectable 

shortcut key function status are all easily 

viewable without interfering with or distracting 

your shooting view. 

Display the way you shoot
For convenient, faster and more accurate shooting, we’ve added a wide range of selectable cropping frames 

to accommodate your shooting needs. Aspect rations from 2.35:1/ 1.33:1/ 1.66:1/ 1.85:1/ 70% /80% and 90% 

are easily selecteable. These cropping frames provide a safe area to guide you, so you’ll never 

have to guess again where your image is getting cropped or not offering a clear picture boxes representation.

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2017 Aputure Product Manual Download

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