August & September  Photo Contest Winners Announced

August & September Photo Contest Winners Announced

It is very difficult to choose 2 winners from the 10 selections for finalists in our latest photo contest.  Regardless, we have to face it and here are 2 winners who win the most votes from online fans and Aputure team.  We feel very happy that there are more and more new contestants and we still love the photos from Alberto Rojas and zPRIME who have been our contest winners previously.

Masha Sardari  and  Bhaskar Dutta are the new winners in this first  bimonthly photo contest. Congratulations! The each of  2 winners will get $80 of free prize from Aputure store.  If you are reading this for the first time, please join us in our next photo contest!

To participate in our monthly photo contests, simply join the Aputure Group on Flickr and add photos to our pool.

Good luck next contest!

At the Edge of a Mountain © Masha Sardari

At the Edge of a Mountain © Masha Sardari

I was really impressed by the image because of  its fantastically chilling and creepy vide.  Masha successfully captured a resentful face and an unrelenting mood.  Also we admire this beautiful model. She can express the struggles of life deeply and in a way that feel as though  she was really trapped into the miserable circumstance.

Hide 'n Seek © Bhaskar Dutta

Hide ‘n Seek © Bhaskar Dutta


We have seen many lovely children’s’ faces. Regardless, the boy is so innocent in his demeanor that it brought our memory back to our childhoods.  Do you remember where you used to hide?  Have you ever successfully

won this game?  The sense of achievement we remember is so similar to the boy’s.)

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