Aputure HR672S LED Video Lights Review

Aputure HR672S LED Video Lights Review

Aputure HR672S LED Video Lights First Look.

I recently picked up several Aputure lights. My first two were the Aputure Amaran AL-198.


Aputure Amaran AL-198

I wanted to see how clean the light was before I went up to the larger panels. They had no green spike and wow do these little lights put out. Very handy for back, hair and accent lighting. In a jam you could use them as a key too if you put two together with the supplied adapters.

HR672S charging batteries

I recently got a pair of the Aputure HR672s has 672 LED bulbs. The “S” model is a 25 degree spot. I like spot LED’s. In the past I bought the flood versions most of the time and I felt I couldn’t control them. If you need a broad beam and don’t want to diffuse the light then a broad beam is a good choice. I tend to soften my lights most of the time so a narrow beam is better.

Aputure Amaran HR672S Shot through difussion

Perfect of  4636.8 lumens light.

Last week I used these on a shoot exclusively and was very happy with them. The output is very high. Aputure states they emit 4636.8 lumens of light, about equal to traditional 400W incandescent light. Thats a pretty good and yes they are bright. I’ll do some testing soon.

I used them a lot outside at night and on a cloudy day. This sample was around noon on a cloudy day. They really filled very nice.

Aputure HR672S -Sample

Good Natural Color

This is a frame grab from a C300 in C-log. No grade. Set white balance to 5500K since thats the color temp of the HR672S. I didn’t see any green spike and the overall balance looks great even on this cloudy day. Very nice color too. I’ll show more after the news image spot is ready to go.

I shot several night scenes too all with only two of the Aputure HR672S.

So far I like these a lot. They have some cool features like a remote control for dimming and can be used with several panels that you can assign, so you have full control of them individually all with a single remote. The kit comes with two big batteries that will charge while the lights are being used with AC and mounting hardware and two filters. One tungsten and one diffusion. The lights are a good value too at around $275 per kit. No bad at all.

Who are these for?

I think they fit nicely in the budget conscious filmmaker who isn’t going to abuse them. They are all plastic and very light in weight. Rarely do I see a product that is affordable yet delivers and I think the HR672 do. Just dont throw them around and keep them in a case to protect them and they should serve you well.


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