10 Beautiful Lunar Eclipse Photos

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As you may know, there was a total lunar eclipse on the evening of June 15th, 2011. The earth completely blocked the sun’s light from reaching the moon for nearly two hours. If you didn’t see this one, you’ll get another chance on December 10th. See if you can tell which shot was photoshopped (should be obvious!)

These first three shots feature a sequence of the moon at different intervals during the eclipse. One easy way to accomplish this is by using the Aputure Digital Timer Remote. It enables you to shoot at specific timed intervals, without you having to man the camera for every shot. Although of course you’ll have to account for the movement of the moon!

Queensland, Australia © Andrew Tallon

Lunar Eclipse © Cara Wilton

The Netherlands © Jacco Wegenaar

Lunar Eclipse © Silver Wolf

Lunar Eclipse © Pixelrolf

Philippines © alovetoshare

Tuscany, Italy © Matteo Dunchy

Rome, Italy © Urban Christian News

Sydney, Australia © Urban Christian News

Shenzhen, China © Jesse Warren

Lunar Eclipse © Valhalla Photo

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