10 Fun Photography Gadgets

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Every photographer appreciates a cool gadget. Especially those that have to do with photography. In fact, I’m drinking from one right now. Over the past few years we’ve seen a bunch of new and quirky gadgets pop up in the market. Here’s some of our favorites.

 Lens Mugs

Camera Lens Mug © Photojojo

We reviewed a bunch of these here last year. While usually not up to par with brand name mugs at the same price point (such as Starbucks), they are fun to use, eye-catching, and make great gifts. Here’s a good place to choose from a variety of mugs.

iPhone Lenses

iPhone Lens © Photojojo

What could be more silly looking and cool at the same time than lenses on an iPhone? They’ve become quite a hit recently, with multiple options on the market, including even one that accommodates SLR lenses. Don’t hold your breath as far as IQ is concerned, but be ready to turn a few heads.  (Available here: 1234)

Camera USB Drives

Camera USB Drive © Photojojo

Everybody can use a USB drive or three. So why not go with one that looks like a camera and lens? Available here from Photojojo (who dominates the cool photo gadget market), it’ll get you 4GB of storage, but not the most ergonomically friendly experience as space around USB ports is rather crowded.

Green Level Cube

Green Cube © Amazon

Want to get a level horizon on all your shots? Use your camera’s built-in electronic level. Or, use the “Spirit/Bubble Level”, available here at Amazon. Trey Ratcliff even uses and raves about it. But I would read all the reviews first. It seems they are prone to problems.

Lens Bracelets

Lens Bracelet © Photojojo

I first saw these being worn on my friend Duckia, and had a double take. If you’re not the biggest fan of fashion accessories but into your photography, perhaps you’ll be won over by this one, available here.

Rolleiflex Digital Camera

Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Digital Camera

Most people nowadays shoot digital, not film. But what if you could shoot a digital camera that looks like a classic film camera? Sure, the quality might not be all that, and the price tag rather steep, but it sure looks great!



Probably the most funky looking tripod on the planet. I once had a mini version of this 7 years ago which worked like a charm. Bend the legs to fit/clamp/hold any position you need.

3 more coming soon…

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