10 Great Photos of Shenzhen – Our Home!

You might be wondering where exactly we are located. The answer is Shenzhen, China. A city of more than 10 million which just celebrated it’s 30th birthday. Before that, the area was was a smattering of farming and fishing villages across the border from Hong Kong. Now, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the world, seemingly always under construction, and the richest in China. It has the 4th largest port in the world, it’s where your iPods and iMacs come from, and its a melting pot of Chinese people from all over the country. It’s also home to several hundred thousand foreigners. Many may not have heard of Shenzhen because it’s such a new city and is overshadowed by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. But it plays an important role in China – as the first city to liberalize the economy and open up to foreign trade, paving the way for the rest of the country. Here’s an interesting article, China Makes, the World Takes, written by James Fallows for the Atlantic, which has a lot to say about Shenzhen. Also be sure to check out Shenzhen Photos, my website showcasing one photo per day of life in this fascinating city.

Here are some great photos found in the Creative Commons on Flickr showing the many sides of Shenzhen, and some light commentary on each one:

Developing City © Roman Sołowiej

This is the old downtown. The emerald green building you see in the center is the (current) tallest building in the city, once being the 7th tallest in the world. Construction in the foreground is of the new Hyatt hotel, which has since been completed.

Morning © Shenxy

Shenzhen is not only urban skyscrapers and density. There is also a beautiful coastline which was rated among the best in China by China National Geographic Magazine, and has many beautiful beaches.

Postcard from © Shenzhen

When the Olympic Torch came through town in spring of 2008, spectators packed the streets in order to get a glimpse. Here you can see the caravan making it’s way through the crowd (or not!)

Smoggy Sunset © Jesse Warren

Being located at the foot of the world’s largest manufacturing zone, Shenzhen is prone to smog. It has definitely gotten better over the past six years that I’ve been here, but some days are still bad.

Shenzhen Strip ©Jesse Warren

Shennan road is the main thoroughfare running from east to west through the city. Parts of it are quite beautiful.

Chun 360 Flip @ Shenzhen Wave ledges © Warren Stuart

Shenzhen is cited by pro skateboarders as probably the best skateboarding city in the world. Plenty of fresh pavement and concrete, and a law enforcement that doesn’t seem to care, makes it so.

Window of the World © Szymon Kochański

Window of the World is a popular theme park showing famous scenes from all over the world. Here, you see lower Manhattan; obviously this exhibit was built before 2001.

Shenzhen 9 © Sean Marshall

Old low rise “farmer’s villages” exist side-by-side modern skyscrapers in this part of Luohu, the original core of Shenzhen.

Gangxia Village © Trey Menefee

Old villages are making way for new development here in Gangxia. There is definitely a gritty side to the city, which is slowly but surely making way for modern infrastructure and a feeling of futurism.

Transforming China © Jesse Warren

The neighborhood in which our company is located, close to the city center and hosting a large number of creative companies, print shops, clothing design firms, and light manufacturers.

About the author:

Jesse Warren is a photographer based in Shenzhen, China since 2004. He also works for Aputure.

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