10 Versatile 50mm Photographs

Continuing our series on 50mm lenses

Canon 50mm f/1.4 © Terence S. Jones

In order to show the versatility of the 50mm lenses, we’ve rounded up a few photos from the Flickr 50mm group to show you just how much then can do. Take a look, and then consider whether or not you need to fill that gap in your lens lineup with one of these special prime lenses.

Beautiful background bokeh? With a 50mm on a crop camera, throw that background out of focus.

La Paquerette © Steve Grosbois

Tightly cropped portrait? Check. Paired with an APS-C sensor, an 80mm equivalent field of view is a nice portrait length.

Nina Schweser 02 © studio.es | Vinnie B

Indoor low light scenes? Check. A 50mm has enough aperture value to work with natural light, without the use of flash.

Isolation © Michaël Korchia

Razor sharp landscapes? Check. Stopped down, a 50mm will give you performance better than most of your pro zooms.

Herbst © Andreas Levers

Amazingly thin depth of field? Check. With a 1.4 lens, you won’t get much more pop than this.

Remember Never Again © Vincent van der Pas

30mm f/1.4 lens on a crop camera? = 50mm and beautiful bokeh…

Flower © Jesse Warren

Detailed food photography? Check. With a bit of creative vision, 50mm is the perfect focal length for food.

Paternò - Coffee crown

Candid street photography? Check. 50mm is the perfect length for a variety of street scenes.

Street Artist © Vincent van der Pas

Macros with the help of an extension tube? Check. A 50mm plus a tube or three will help you get close without a dedicated macro lens.

Pencils © Wendell

Low light street shooting at night? Check. There’s almost nothing better than a fast 50mm for these types of situations.

Catania - Just a t(r)op model © Francesco Pappalardo

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