2011 Spring Equinox Supermoon

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Full moons are always fun to photograph. But last Saturday our lunar satellite gave us a special show. On the evening of March 19th, the day before the Spring Equinox, the moon came as close to the Earth as it’s been in nearly 20 years. It appeared 20% brighter and 15% bigger than a normal full moon. Such was the gravitational pull on the tides, that it strand a few ships in the Isle of Wight. Here are some great pictures rounded up from the Creative Commons on Flickr (see their own selection of supermoon shots), including some of the more unusual/unconventional takes on the supermoon. Take a look…

Supermoon visits Alabaster © Delos Johnson

Supermoon over Boats © Gee Queue

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERMOON! © Hector

SuperMoon & SuperSunset © Kim

Cloudy Supermoon © Aquila

Long exposure of the supermoon © Shayne Kaye

"Probably not made of cheese..." © The Queen's Hall

"In astronomy, a perigee-syzygy or "supermoon" is a full or new moon that coincides with a close approach by the Moon to the Earth." © p2-r2

Full Moon vs Super Moon © Lee Haywood

Supermoon connection in Uruguay © Jimmy Baikovicius

"18-105mm has its limitations .. sigh...." © Vineesh Devasia

dc supermoon © sciascia

Red Supermoon © Jon Sportech

Supermoon rising over Vancouver © OhDee

Blue Supermoon © Karen Chen

False Creek, Vancouver © Mike McHolm

supermoon iso 200 at 50 sec © Gottfried

SuperMoon Over Primrose Hill ©

Adrian Scottow

"Reversed a wide-open 50mm f/1.8 lens on another lens at 28mm (42mm on D300) and this was the result. Weird but cool." © Tim Arnold

See more great pictures at National Geographic Huffington Post, and BBC News.

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