2012 Aputure Photo of the Year

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The votes are in and the winner is clear…

Joe Bergquist takes home the top photo prize for 2012. Whether you agree or not that his shot of an ashtray is the best, it garnered the most votes, hence winning the contest. See the results for yourself at the bottom of the post.

He wins a pair of our secret new triggers (to be announced soon). Stay tuned Joe.

For the rest of you, best of luck in 2013! The monthly photo contests will continue…

1st place – 2012 PHOTO OF THE YEAR! 

Beautiful/Disgusting © Joe Bergquist

2nd place

Mariposa © Alberto Rojas

3rd place

Family © Bhaskar Dutta

Honorable Mentions

Hot Summers Night © Tristan Jud

Sofia © Arturas Kerdokas

Nothing New © Lychee Aloe

Bluebells Moonlight © Lee Pelling

Fungi Family © Kenneth Mayfield

Splash of Zest © Lee Pelling

Green Impact © Joe Dyer

High Speed © Xun Cai

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