5 Beautiful Product Photos by Piotr Kaperski

Recently we noticed a bunch of great product shots pouring into our Flickr Group courtesy of one man, Piotr Kaperski. The shocking thing is, these are his first attempts, and they are mighty impressive. He used the Aputure Trigmaster to trigger his flashes, and shot with a Sony Alpha A900 with Zeiss 135mm f/1.8 and extension tubes. Below each shot is a description of how he made it…

Baby Phat © Piotr Kaperski

  • 3 Speedlights: Focal DT700, Focal DT600, Nikon SB-20
  • One to the right from a downward angle as fill flash
  • One above and behind, slightly to the left as key light
  • One on the right with blue gel and snoot, pointed on background
  • Piotr’s comments: “DIY water tank, and a lot of mess around. Not exactly 100% satisfied with the pic but still looks interesting.”

Nautica © Piotr Kaperski

  • One flash to the right, slightly in front at full power, as key light.
  • One flash to the left with wide snoot at half power.
  • One flash top/behind with minimum power
  • No bounce cards used this time
  • Piotr’s comments: “I did not like the single shot versions so I did separate pics (all in water), chose two and merged them together in Photoshop. I learned that a kitchen is not a place for wet photo shoots – a big mess.”

Baby Phat and Chanel Snake

  • 2x Calumet Travelite studio lights
  • 3x bounce cards
  • Shot on glass with black panel underneath
  • Lit by one head with grid and soft panel (sheet of paper)
  • Background combination of colored paper and colored head with snoot at close distance.
  • Piotr’s comments: “This is my 4th attempt to product photography, I think im hooked! Thanks to Alek Koloskov and his videos! Some post processing to add drama. A lot of DIY in my set up as always!”

Color Crazy © Piotr Kaperski

  • 3x Calumet Travelite Monoblocks
  • Shot on a mirror as a backdrop
  • White background board lit by two gelled lights overlapping to create secondary colors
  • Main light snooted with softbox attachment
  • Piotr’s comments: “My third attempt to product photography! I had to improvise on equipment a lot. Set up did not look great from viewers point of view :)

Ice Blue © Piotr Kaperski

  • 2x Calumet Travelite Studio Heads
  • Shot on glass background
  • Reflector bent to create surface imperfections
  • Lit by blue gelled head with grid and a big softbox on top
  • Piotr’s comments: “Second attempt to product photography! I like that cold look of the pic somehow.”

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