5 Exciting Flickr Groups

If you’re a photographer, then you’ve probably heard of Flickr. It’s the most popular photo hosting and sharing website on the web. More than that, it’s home to a large community of photographers, providing ample opportunity for networking, learning, sharing, and more. If you don’t have an account, then sign up now! It’s free. We’ve been on Flickr since 2004, and over the course of time have become involved in several groups. Here’s our pick of five groups you might be interested in…

Pierre Vignau

1. Strobist Group

You’re probably familiar with this term. David Hobby coined the word and created a very popular blog on the subject of off-camera lighting. It’s an incredibly active group, and if you’re looking to get your feet wet in off-camera flash photography, then this is the place to be. The discussion page is very active, and a treasure trove of information. You’ll also find some of the most creative flash shots ever.

Dave Stagner

2. Flickr Central

This group is a general group open to all members on Flickr who can submit any kind of photo they choose. But the limit is only one photo per day, so you better choose a good one. This one is reserved for all of my best, eye-catching shots. And it’s a great place to view the best work of others, and you never know what you might see.

Maxime Dehaye

3. The 50mm Group

This one is for all the old school 50mm heads out there. Maybe not for everyone, but if you have an interest in 50mm photography, this is a great place to be. It’s personally my favorite focal length, and I’d be quite happy shooting for the rest of my life with a 50mm (stopped down). If you haven’t discovered the joys of 50mm yet, then dive in and see what’s possible.

Scott Maxworthy

4. The Portrait Group

This one is dedicated to serious portrait photography – not just snapshots of people. If you want to up the ante on your portrait game, spend some time here and browse through the portraits of others. No matter what your camera system or lens, you’re welcome here as long as its a serious attempt at a portrait.

Woods Yan

5. Aputure Group

Last but not least, our own group: dedicated to giving users a platform to share photos, experience, information, and knowledge, the group is open to all with Aputure products, or even those with an interest in them. See what others are doing with the Trigmasters, Gigtubes, and various remotes. We also run a monthly photo contest, open to all photos added to the group.

Honorable Mention – just for fun

Camera Toss – throw your camera up in the air on self timer mode!

Square Format – a throwback to medium format photography

Beautiful Girls – who doesn’t like beautiful girls? build some traffic to your stream here :)

What are your favorite groups on Flickr?

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