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This sounds like a strange post for a photography blog, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re a photographer, chances are you’re sharing your photos online, and that you might have a photography blog. They’re useful for showcasing your work to clients, enabling google/everyone to find you easier, and to share a bit of yourself with the wider world. Many professional photographers use blogs to their great advantage. But not just anyone can put together a kick-ass blog. It takes a bit of knowledge, creativity, and dedication.  You’ll need to learn about SEO, wordpress, plugins, social media, coding/html, and more.  But with a bit of hard work, you can place your blog a step above the rest.

We’ll admit: we’re not the best bloggers on the planet, but we do our best to give you an interesting feed. We stay up to date with all the latest blogs about web design, photography, and more in order to run a better blog for you. Without further adieu, here’s our list of the most useful blogging and design resources.

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Smashing Magazine

A website for making websites. This one was introduced to me by a friend several years ago, and it remains a strong favorite. If you want to keep your website up to date, search and user friendly, and looking great, just dig into their archives. They also feature some stunning photography from time to time. Probably the best website of it’s kind on the net.


This site is not so much about blogging, but about working. And if you want to be an awesome worker, impress your boss, and improve your chances in the marketplace – follow this site. It covers a range of topics from your career to office life to resume advice to productivity and more. This recent post about the Dvorak keyboard piqued our interest. Run by the Envato empire (who has a host of successful blogs on various topics), it’s a beautiful design.


Living up to it’s name, this is probably the most personified blog about web design and SEO there is. And a great design it is. Chris Pearson, a WordPress blog develop (Copyblogger is among his clients) runs the show, and comes with article after article of great advice for designers and bloggers. We just installed the Google XML Sitemap and made the made “the simplest most effective SEO move you can make” at Pearson’s advice.


This one was cited by a professional whose expertise is running social media campaigns for clients and we’ve since jumped on board. From the horse’s mouth: “Want more traffic, links, subscribers, and a profit-generating website? Copyblogger gives you the solutions you need to succeed.” This post about getting more traffic by posting less caught our eyes. Apparently, you don’t need to post every day to run a successful blog!

The Netsetter

If you’d like to make money from your blog, this might be a good start. From their about page: “A netsetter is an entrepreneur who understands what the Internet means for making money, starting businesses and changing the way they live.” So if you want to turn convert your hard work at the computer into a few dollars via extra clients, this is the place to look. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a successful elevator pitch, here are some clues. It’s also run by Envato, who has obviously learned how to make money from blogging.

Honorable Mention: The Web Pitch – just about everything

There are literally hundreds more great sites covering these very topics. So feel free to google away and follow the links as far as you please.

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