A Comprehensive Review of the Samsung Galaxy Camera’s Prowess

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The Korean mobile manufacturer has attempted to go beyond their comfort zone of creating smartphones and tablets by releasing their first smart camera. It is a fusion of two of their products: the lens from the WB850F compact superzoom camera on the back of what is basically the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is truly a revolutionary product that presents a smart camera that can handle excellent shots and share your masterpieces immediately. Today, we’ll examine just how well Samsung fused a digital camera and a smartphone together.


 Camera capabilities and phone features

The Galaxy Camera is outfitted with the following features:

The device comes in two colors: the white and the black that is exclusive to Verizonwireless.

·         16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor

·         21x zoom with 23-481mm focal length

·         F2.8-5.9 aperture with Optical Image Stabilization

·         Guide Number 5 Xenon flash

·         1080p video capture and playback

·         15 ‘smart’ shooting modes

·         4.8″ HD Super Clear LCD at 1280 x 720-pixel resolution for 308ppi quality

·         Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ operating system

·         1.4 GHz quad-core processor with 1 GB of memory

·         Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and 4G LTE connectivity

·         Bluetooth 4.0

·         8 GB of internal storage space, expandable to 64 GB via microSD

·         3.5mm stereo jack

·         1650 mAh battery, which gave us a maximum of 320 shots


Along with those features are also Samsung-exclusive functions like:

·         AllShare Play; share and stream content from the cloud,

·         Group Cast; share and stream music and photos across Samsung devices,

·         Share Shot; send photos to Samsung devices as you shoot,

·         Face Unlock; secure the camera with your defining feature,

·         S Suggest; better apps are recommended to you the more you use the camera,

·         S Voice; control the camera through voice commands,

·         Instagram; so you can upload your shots directly onto the popular photo-sharing site right after you shoot them.

Optical hardware aside, the Galaxy Camera has a plethora of tools that made it built for integration into social media.


Camera modes

The Auto camera mode resembles the interface of most smartphones. You can tap anywhere on the screen for focus. There is also a touch shutter but we find the physical shutter more stable.


Activate Program and you’ll be able to manually set ISO, exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. The third mode, Smart, gives you access to extra camera modes like HDR, Panorama, and Night. There are also several camera filters you can preview on shots before you take them. There is the usual sepia and black & white, among others.


The camera also has video and photo editing wizards so you can tweak on the spot. In our experience, while useful, the camera’s software just isn’t as powerful as those found in popular ones like Photoshop.


Hands-free handling

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Samsung Galaxy Camera is that some of its functions can be controlled by voice commands. You can take a picture when you say the word ‘Cheese’ or ‘Smile,’ for example.


What it Lacks


Although it’s a smart camera, it lacks the ability to make voice calls — one of the fundamental features of most smart gizmos. Instead, it only relies on apps like Skype and Viber as well as Wi-Fi for this function.


Also, being a compact digital camera, it still lacks the ability to compete with the image quality of high-end DSLRs like Canon and Nikon. The device isn’t built to do that, instead it wants you to be able to take photos and share them whenever and wherever you are. It’s a social camera.


That’s been our experience with the Galaxy Camera so far. In our opinion, the fusion by Samsung was a success. Although it’s OS is dated, it still manages to help the device become more than just a camera and phone. Have you tried it? Share your photos with us.




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